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There's no doubt OST is like a magnetic that draws me to a drama. After listening to Cinderella and the Four Knight OST through @JaxomB's card I couldn't help but screen the first episode.
Here are my initial thoughts.

Episode 1:

CFK reminds me of Taiwanese drama "Moon River", where the main lead is a freshman at a prestigious university. The Taiwanese actress has short hair, poor family background and also practice martial art. She's involved with three affluent guys from the university and a hometown friend which is like her sidekick.
The only difference with CFK's main lead Ha-Won is she's living with the three affluent and their bodyguard.

Episode 2:

Some viewers can't help but compare this drama to Boys Over Flowers but this episode is what sets things apart.
1. There are no romance development yet but even if there is you have no idea who she might get paired with yet. Though, there is a rule where she can't date if she lives in the Sky House. We all know in drama land rules are meant to be broken. So, when that happens the three cousins and the bodyguard all have a fair chance.
2. Ha-won's character is feisty, smart and independent. Let's hope her personality and value stay consistent throughout the series.
3. Ha-won's life really lives up to the fairytale of Cinderella. Her family is beyond jacked. Even the adoptive dad is unbelievably cruel to her. Oh, but wait her life is changed by the fairy 'grandfather' who sends her to the 'Sky' house.
It's still to early to determine if I like this drama but I'm definitely interested!
I really want to watch this drama it caught my attention
Go for it! :D
Thats what Koo Hye Soon explained to her husband Ahn Jae Hun. This story is similar to BOF.
I really like CN Blue's JongShin, so I'll continue to watch the show. I do hope the girl remains feisty or I'll be disappointed.
Is this series complete? I'd like my mom to watch this, she is on K-drama binge which is messed up because my school started. 馃槬
It was pre-filmed so in a sense it's completed but I just started airing. It's only 16 episodes long and episode 5 is coming out this Friday. It won't be too long of wait to have all completed episodes.
Indeed it looks like BOF....but I love all the actors so I will continue to watch's much better than BOF but it's still has only started......
Like I mentioned above the base is similar but everything is different. So far it only aired 4 episodes but I have a feeling I might like it better than BOF.
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