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Sorry I skipped day 6! I will have it up by tomorrow! It took me some time to gather up all my material for it. Anyways, I want to thank all the people on vingle who post Yaoi manga recommendations or posts. I read a lot of the Yaoi mangas because I saw them on vingle. Finally, I give you day 7, my favorite ongoing manga.

Chiku Bingo

This seriously made me laugh out loud as I read this. Too funny.

Amaeru Kubiwa

This one is a little weird since the main character of the manga has a choking fetish. He likes to choke his significant other while having sex, and this leads to domestic abuse problems. It's a little hard for me to read because I don't like choking fetishes and I will never understand them, but that's why I like reading this. I never even thought about that kind of thing before and I thought that maybe this would convey the feelings of people with this particular fetish and be more psychological.

Oboreru Triangle

This is one of the ones I saw here on vingle, but I fell in love with it. The first chapter was so cute, and I really like the art style as well. I'm excited to see the next chapter come out.

Hidoku Shinaide

I watched this one awhile back and loved it.

Danshi koukouseiteki kazoku keikaku!

This is one that I absolutely love! I really love the art style as well as the story! It's so sweet and cute, and I can't wait for the next chapter to come out!

Shiawase ni Narunosa!

Another cute one that I'm interested in. I like the way the story is going and I hope for more chapters in the future.