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I've been a Harry Potter fan since the books came out and movies. Couple of years ago, I took the pottermore test to put you in your house and I got Slytherin! I've always like Slytherin, just minus the mean ones that is in it. But I just brought this shirt today cause it's a Slytherin shirt, but I have never like the death eaters at all... Yes it has the death eaters mark on it but I love master of the dark arts. I have never like Draco Malfoy at first but after the second to third book and movie I started to like him. I just don't know why!? I guess it's the bad boy attitude he had I just loved but he was amazing!!!
Tom Felton did an amazing job playing as Draco. Tom is like my ultimate man crush ever!!!! I have always found him attractive even when I was young and he played Draco in the first movie and my love for him keeps going.
I mean how can you not love this guy!!! He's just so perfect! His blonde hair and his eyes!!! Omg his eyes can just kill me ❤❤❤❤
So, I hope you guys enjoy the card today! Please do not come and leave rude comments about Tom Felton or how I'm a Slytherin, but enjoy guys and hope you guys have an awesome day!!!