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Hope you enjoy Part 6 of NamJin! If you would want more parts of the series show me your love for it ^•^ I would really appreciate it!

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It was morning, but the members decided to sleep in. Jin looked at Namjoon as he got dressed. Jin smiled and laughed a bit. Namjoon turned around and noticed his shirt was on backwards, "don't look Jin!" Jin laughed and put on his pink hoodie. They both left, but left a note for the other members to know that they went out for a walk. Jin and Namjoon were chatting as they walked and smiled at each other. Namjoon held Jin's hand. Yoongi texted Namjoon, "Namjoon come back we're planning to go out to eat today." Namjoon looked at Jin as Jin peered over his shoulder to look at the text. Jin laughed and they turned back to the dorm. Later that afternoon, Jin was feeling a bit dizzy. He regretted wearing his hoodie all day in the heat. They all went home and Jin blacked out as he fell into Namjoon's arms. The members worried and quickly laid Jin on the couch and put a ice pack on his forehead. He was still unconscious so they took him to the hospital. The members were worried as they waited for the doctor in the lobby. Namjoon worried even more than the rest of the members. Hoseok hugged Namjoon as he saw a tear run down Namjoon's cheek. Yoongi patted him on the back and said, "he'll be fine, he must have just gotten ill from the intense heat." The doctor walked up to them as they all stood up. The doctor laughed, "don't worry he's fine we cooled his body down." Jin came walking back to the members smiling as cutely as he could smile. All the members cheered and felt relieved. The doctor told them, "I don't want Jin stepping into the heat too much, it's too hot and that goes for all of you." They all laughed and nodded their heads. They all walked back home, safe at last. Late that night, Yoongi and Namjoon were having a conversation as Jin was in the room sleeping. Jimin and Jungkook were taking selcas together for no reason. Hoseok had gone off to sleep. Taehyung went out with his personal friends. Yoongi looked at Namjoon, "how much do you love Jin?" Namjoon smiled as he messed with his hair, "I love him as much as Jimin loves you." Yoongi laughed and hit Namjoon on the back softly. Namjoon laughed and wished Yoongi a goodnight, as he walked off to the room to see Jin sleeping as the moonlight shined on him through the window. Namjoon smiled and went over to kiss Jin on the cheek. "My pink princess," Namjoon whispered. Jin was pretending to be asleep as he tried to hide his adorable smile from Namjoon.
The following morning, Jin was awake as Namjoon slept a bit longer. The other members were too sleeping. Jin laid down next to Namjoon. Jin took a picture of Namjoon sleeping. He laughed to himself and looked at the picture and smiled. Jin wondered how such a perfect guy could fall for him, but suddenly he felt Namjoon's lips on his cheek as Namjoon kissed his soft cheek. Namjoon said, "even without makeup you're cute Jin." Jin blushed a deep red. Namjoon was shirtless. Jin blushed even more as he squealed like a little fangirl would. Namjoon laughed at his adorable squeal. Jin looked at Namjoon and said, "you're shirtless!" Namjoon laughed even more as he kissed Jin's forehead, "well yeah it's not like we're in public." The other members were messing around as Jin and Hoseok were joking around, while Namjoon was rapping for fun with Yoongi. Jin smiled at Namjoon. Hoseok patted Jin on the shoulder, "well you got lucky Jin, Namjoon is an amazing guy!" Jin smiled, "yeah I'm happy." The rest of the day was full of fun and joking around for the members of BTS. Will the fun continue?

Hope you enjoyed Part 6 of NamJin! If you would want more parts of the series show me your love for it ^•^ I would really appreciate it!

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