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Hui my lovely friends😂😂 Oh my goodness it's been A WHILE!! Did you enjoy your summer vacation?! I did cause I went to Korea and met my family for the first time!!! It was awesome! I recently wrote a personal story and decided to make a mini series for myself called "My thoughts and ideas". The reason why I decided to name it that is because lately my life has just been a mess...and I thought it'll be better for myself to just express my feelings by writing personal stories. The one I wrote today is titled "True Family Love". I hope you guys enjoy my story and please give feedback if you liked it or if you have any improvements! Thank you!!
My Thoughts and Ideas Living in Korea…
Sounds like a Dream come true doesn't it? It sounds like one for me. Ever since I was little I've always wanted to live in Korea. The thought of living somewhere closer to my family, the extra education, the music, the architecture, basically everything there I loved, ever since I was little. When I finally got the chance to go to Korea for a vacation and family reunion it felt like a dream. It just didn't feel real. My footsteps were light every second going to Korea and I felt like I was flying when I first took step at Korea; the flight to Korea felt like the longest 24 hour flight ever, especially Tokyo to Seoul. Meeting my culture firsthand, meeting my family…agh I just cannot explain my joy. Leaving was hard for myself and my family, my last day with my youngest cousin was heartbreaking, when I had to say goodbye she waved, turned around, paced to the car, and tried her best to hold back her tears. When she came back to say goodbye the last time... I wanted to move, move to Korea to have a happy life, a life I've always wanted, a life together with my whole family…but that couldnt happen, and I was positive of that. My parents and I came back to Texas all with heavy feet and hearts. Leaving Korea was the most difficult for my father, even though he hid all his feelings, I felt his sadness. Meeting his brothers and spending time…his face always had a smile. He couldnt erase his smile, never, not even for a millisecond. At the Incheon airport my dad couldn't look at my third uncle's eyes, but my uncle couldn't keep his eyes off my parents and myself. It was truly heartbreaking. Typing this right now I have tears in my eyes. The memory of my familie's sad eyes will never leave along with their happy faces I saw when I first met them. That is what I call True Family Love.
Please do acknowledge the fact that in all our family pictures at least one person has a derp face or is looking the wrong direction and wasn't runs in the family. 😂😂 I have cut some things for it to be appropriate to be out public but whenever I'm fully finished with my story I will publish it on Vingle for you guys❤️❤️ Thank you so much for reading❤️ Tags~ @jaiipanda @princessunicorn (Im not fully sure if you guys still want to be tagged but if you do please let me know~)