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This is part 2. This is short but I had to get it out before I forgot.

Yall know the drill

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Mature Content
I was happy that we could wear own clothes during dinner. I threw on a fitted black tee with the word swag across my chest in big gold bold letters and some denim shorts. I pulled my hair back in a high ponytail and applied some light makeup. After throwing on my converses I ran down to Namjoon's room. I could hear weird noises. I knocked on the door but heard Namjoon making louder odd sounds. I thought maybe he was in pain. I had healing abilities and could help him. So I open up the door. I almost died when I seen Tiffani from homeroom head deep in between Namjoon's legs. You would think my presence would make her stop but she continued giving him head and making loud noises. Namjoon grinned at me as my face turned beat red. To think that was enough I seen Yoongi sitting on his side of the room video recording it. "Can you give us a second? This is good footage." Yoongi says. I quickly slam the door. That was not only sick but disrespectful. They didn't even stop when I walked in. Namjoon had that dark look in his eyes when he looked at me. It almost made my panties hit the floor. Shit I'm no better than Tiffani. I slowly walk down the hallway with my ear buds in. I was lost in the music. Recently, I've been loving Korean Hip-hop. Suddenly, I felt a smack in my back. It was Taehyung. He was smiling. "Ah you walked in on Namjoon and Yoongi's productions. I heard you scream." Tae smiled. "Yeah. They are into such lewd things?" I say while trying to sound innocent. "Ah Namjoon has a darker past than us. Yeah he smart but he like that crazy shit. He and Yoongi got this business going on where they make things of that nature and post it to this website. It's underground so don't tell anyone. They are aspiring rappers and their parents want them to uphold the family name and forget music. This site helps fund their studio time. It's called Magix Sluts. But you ain't hear that from me." Tae whispered. "Ah so these chucks just do it for free? That's stupid?" "Well Namjoon....all of us come from ancient powerful families and in this world to be with one of us is like golden. The chicks are lined up to get us to even smile at them...not to toot my own horn." "Ah...well you are tooting loud and clear! So you participate in this production?" I smirk. Tae nods and then Jungkook and Jimin randomly join us in our walk to the cafeteria. These three guys seemed to be best buddies almost like brothers. Jimin apologized for Namjoon's behavior a million times. We got our food and began chatting. Yoongi, Jin, Hobi, and Namjoon joined us. Namjoon was quite while Yoongi was chatting about his ideas for his photography project. I was just mentally digesting everything Tae told me. Did I walk in on their latest hit. I blurt out laughing at my own thoughts. "What's so funny?" Namjoon asks while looking at me over his sunglasses. "" "She's nuts just like they say. Her family is full of crazy people." Tiffani blurted. "You are the one to be talking about nuts." I blurt out. Everyone at the table begin laughing. "You get it Tiffani....nuts?" Jin says while making a nasty hand geature. Tiffani rolls her eyes. "Whatever, just make sure this makes me more popular Kim Namjoon." "No one invited you to this table girl. Do I need to present the contact to you again. Get away from us and apologize to Miss Phire." Namjoon says. Tiffani bows and leaves. I was shocked. I thought she would put up a fight.
2 months has passed and I will admit I do miss home. Even if I felt like I barley belonged and people were to busy idolizing my older sister Jewel. She was the family gem and she could do no wrong. They ignored the fact that she was wilder than me and a way bigger whore. She caught many times in the act and coming home drunk from wild parties. She supposedly had the mark of the chosen one for our generation. She developed her powers very quickly too. The mark is having these wild blue eyes. She supposed to be the one to ascend to be over our Fire clan for our kind. Namjoon and I have been oddly growing closer and he hung out more with me. Many of the girls hated me for this but I didn't care. I was on the phone finishing a conversation with my annoying sister. "You suck Jewel! You know you were the one to start that big fire and I had to pay the price! You should be here instead of me!" I tell be for hanging the phone up on my sister. I was so mad I forgot Namjoon just walked in. He pressed his lips together. "Should I come in at a different time?" "Oh no that was my slutty sister." I say while sitting on my bed. I watched as Namjoon sat down his bag and sat at my desk. He looked like he had something on his mind. "So exactly what the hell are you? Why are you even here? You seem too normal to even be here." Namjoon says. I laugh. "Normal...sometimes I wish. I will tell you if you tell me about yourself." I say while extending my hand. Namjoon shakes my hand. "Deal." "Well I set the ancient archives on fire to be short. This is a huge offense on top of my record of previous reckless behavior. I'm a hafu too. Part fire and part water. My father is from the Phire Clan and my Mom is from the Moon Clan. I have been known to blow up stuff, I'm always fighting, and basically fucking. I love sex and I can copy anyone powers from having sex with them. These two months has been the longest I've been without it. My gifts are in dance, music, art, healing, language, and war. My sister is the biggest whore though. She was having this party at the ancient archives and I guess some people who were enimies came through and tried to kill her. Me being the overprotective sibling I jumped in and kicked their asses. In doing so I burnt up the place. They say she's the chosen one but she doesn't have a smart bone nor can she fight. She can control the mind and has gifts with the arts and some major but that's it. For all her exams she would have failed if she didn't use the body swap spell Soni could take them for her." "Wow. I would have never thought. But you are from the Phire family. Well, I'm a dragon. All of the guys are too. I'm in here for basically killing off some water tribes without permission. I'm blood thirsty and love to wage war for sport. My love for reckless war got out of control and I was sentenced here. Plus my parents think being here will make me settle down and accept my place as being the next Yong Leader of the Fire nation. My parents....I love them but they are clueless. They think I'm wasting my intelligence on rapping and they won't give me money for studio time. I mean they are super rich but can't support their own son. In the mean time I do my school work and fuck bitches. Soon I will have what I want. We sit in silence. No wonder he acts the way he does. We are similar though in many ways. I hope he does get what he wants. Suddenly Namjoon walked closer to me. He pushed back the little hair that was falling in my face. "I have another problem. I think I like you." Namjoon says while kissing me softly on my lips. My face turns red. I never thought someone like him could kiss so softly. I didn't realize how much I was craving to be touched until he kissed me. "Namjoon....I....I like you too. But I think you are out my league." I blush and look down at my feet. "You are wrong. You are perfect. Well it settles it. You are mine." Namjoon softly places his ginger under my chin making me look up at him. "Whoa I belong to me buddy!" I say sounding like a child. Namjoon kisses me again. This guy was running some sweet game and knew my weaknesses already. Those soft lips. "So you object to us being a thing?" Namjoon says then begins sucking on my neck. I shouldn't have wore this tank top that expose my cleavage and neck. If only I knew he would be killing me softly. "No I don't object....Namjoon.." I began moaning and cussing at myself. "Well let me mark you my flame...."

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