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Chapter 20
Who: BTS x Reader
Genre: School Life, Romance, Fluff, mild angst
Warning: Mild Language
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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.
It was Saturday morning and you shot out of bed. It was six in the morning. You had been fighting sleep all night because you were beyond excited and nervous for today. Realizing you weren’t going to fall back asleep you decided to get out of bed and take a bath. You would take your time getting ready to try and calm your nerves.
After your bath you helped your mom make breakfast and ate with your family. “Why are you up so early on a Saturday,” your dad asked. “Oh there is an event at school I wanted to go to and so I woke up early to get ready for it,” you answered back. “What kind of event sweetie,” you mom asked. You knew you couldn’t say a soccer game because you had never been interested in sports before. You weren’t athletic so you never found them interesting. If you were to tell your parents you were going to a soccer game they would be confused and maybe suspect that Nana was going with you, but you hadn’t talked to Nana in a few days. “It’s a cooking club thing,” you said after a longer than expected pause. Both of your parents looked at you weirdly and your dad nodded. You let out a sigh of relief hoping they wouldn’t ask any further questions.
You finished your food and cleaned up your dishes then ran to your room. Opening your closet doors you suddenly realized you had nothing to wear. “Look cute tomorrow.” Taehyungs word rang through your head. ‘That’s a lot of pressure. What is even cute anyway,’ you thought digging through your clothes. You picked out a few options, laid them out on your bed and tried to determine what might be best. “[Y/N] there is a boy here to see you,” your mother called to you. You ran out of your room in a panic to see who it was. ‘Kim Taehyung wasn’t picking me up was he,’ you thought as you quickly ran to the entry way. You saw Jimin standing in the doorway smiling brightly. You let out a sigh of relief. “Oh it’s just you Jimin,” you said as you leaned against a wall. “Just you Jimin? Ouch,” he said as he pouted at you. “[Y/N], mind introducing this boy to your parents,” your father said standing near the doorway.
“Oh sorry dad. This is Park Jimin. He is a friend from school. We are going to the event together.”
“The cooking club event huh?” Your dad asked sarcastically. Your eyes widened and you shot a look over at Jimin as to say, “yes, cooking club.”
Luckily Jimin took the hint. “Y-yeah. There is a big cook off thing at school.” Jimin answered to your parents. You walked over and grabbed Jimin and started taking him to your room. As he passed your parents he awkwardly bows to them while you pulled him away.
You reached your room and closed the door behind you. “Dude you didn’t tell me you were coming here! How do you even know where I live,” you questioned Jimin and he started laughing at you.
“I sent you a text saying I was coming and I asked Nana where you lived.”
“Wait. You’re talking to Nana?” It felt as if your heart was breaking because you missed your best friend so much. She had been ignoring you and it was hurting you. Jimin looked at you with concern. “Yeah. All the time. Are you guys not talking?”
You shook your head no. “She’s been ignoring me.”
There was an awkward silence before Jimin cleared his throat and pointed out all the clothing on your bed. “Having a hard time figuring out what to wear?” You laughed a little and said, “Well I have a date with Kim Taehyung after the game, soo...”
“Oh ho ho! You got a date with my cousin.”
“Yeah, you didn’t know that? He’s my cousin. We live together.”
“Huh. Anyway, help me pick out an outfit. I thought I could do this on my own but I’m obviously at a loss.”
Jimin looked at the few outfits you had put on your bed and disapproved of all of them. “Nah, none of these are good. You need something different.” Jimin walked over to your closet and started going through your clothing. He pulled out a black skirt and a white tank top covered in lace. “Simple but feminine,” he said throwing the clothing at you, “Hurry up and get dressed. Leave your hair down too. It looks with the natural wave you have going on.” You forgot you hadn’t dried your hair and it was starting to curl. You always straightened your curls because Nana had told you once that boys prefer straight hair over curly hair.
Jimin walked out of the room and you changed from your lounge wear to the outfit he picked out. You examined yourself in the mirror and smiled. ‘This is really cute,’ you thought, ‘but something is missing.’ You dug through your drawer of hair accessories and didn’t find anything suitable so you ran over to your closet again. You pulled out a black hat and put it on your head. “Perfect,” you shouted giving yourself a thumbs up.
Jimin opened the door and he looked at you smiling. “Well look at you.” You blushed and took the hat off and sat it on your vanity. You did your makeup really quickly. You didn’t do anything special you did the same makeup you had been doing every morning except this time you added a little eyeliner. “You better hurry if we want to make it in time,” Jimin said as he leaned against your door frame smiling at you. You grabbed your hat and put it on and the two of you headed out the door. You called out to your parents before leaving the house.
Jimin POV
Jimin walked next to [Y/N] as they headed toward the school. They would talk about little things here and there but nothing major. Suddenly [Y/N] asked a question Jimin wasn’t ready for. “So did you tell Nana you were gay or what? Only reason why I ask is because you wanted to keep it a secret but as far as I know you hadn’t met Nana before the first day of school.” Jimin thought about how it would be best to answer this question without revealing too much.
“Well, let’s say she caught me with my boyfriend. Granted we weren’t in a very secretive spot, but yeah.”
“Oh wow! She caught you! So you have a boyfriend, can I know his name?”
“No sorry. It’s still very much a secret.”
“Oh I see. Well after Nana found you what exactly happened?”
“She was shocked and left but of course we were really concerned that she would start telling everyone. So I talked to her after school about keeping it a secret. She said she would. Then we met and she goes and blabs to you.”
Jimin gave a playful glare over at [Y/N] causing her to laugh. “Well you have my word Jimin. I won’t tell a soul. And I will do my best to keep Nana from telling anyone else. Granted, we haven't been talking much but I will do what I can.”
“Thanks [Y/N]. It really means a lot to me. Actually would you be willing to do me another favor. Just for today.”
“Yeah sure, what’s up?”
“Well you have a date with Taehyung after the game right?”
“Yeah, though I’m not sure what all we are doing.”
“That’s okay. Could you let me know when he starts to head home? Just so I can tell aunty. He is really terrible keeping in contact with us.”
“Yup I can do that!”
“Thanks again [Y/N].”
“No problem! It’s what friends are for.”
[Y/N] smiled up at Jimin and they continued walking in mostly silence. Once they arrived at the school soccer field they found a place to sit and waited for the game to start.
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