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So today is finally here!!! We can't have a BigBang Party without the one and only Kwon Jiyong!!!!!!! And on the 5th day, let us all celebrate G-Dragon's 29th Birthday!!!!!
From cute, shy innocent little boy to cute, shy and non-innocent man
I honestly have no words to say
Of course we can't forget his cute and cuddly side. Wait, why are you giving us gifts. Shouldn't we be giving you gifts?
I love how the acoustic guitar is playing throughout the mv
GD almost thirty looking eighteen got damn. this boy is too much for me. I love his style though too hot
Don't you know it!!!! I just need him to keep his tail in his lane!!! I already got Seungri and Deasung fighting for my heart
VIP!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!
Whoop, whoop!!!!