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Almost didn't get to this because of GD's birthday but I determined lol. You chose your sunset so let's see where your lover proposed to you! Tomorrow will be the last day. Check out the results below

Sunset 1 is First Date Remembrance

Your lover had decided it would be a fun idea to relive your first date. You thought it was a great but nothing prepared you for when he got on one knee and asked you the question, "Will you marry me?". You, with tears in your eyes, gladly said yes! @JaxomB @IsoldaPazo @xxchicharitoxx @Rosa420

Sunset 2 is Beach Proposal

You were suspicious when your lover brought you to a beach dinner date. But your suspicions quickly melted away when at the end of your date, your lover surprised you with ring while on knee. You said yes before he even asked the question. You smiled as he embraced you. @swarrier16 @CheyenneJessee @KarenGuerra93 @JasminMartinez @MonAnnahiX

Sunset 3 is a Classy Restaurant Date

You had already been on plenty of dinner dates with how lover. You thought it was just an ordinary night but your longer had different plans. He ordered some wine and as you begin to drink you saw something glisten at the bottom of your glass. Your eyes widen as you p picked the ring out. Before you knew it your lover was on his knee and popped the question. You didn't even let him finish as you screamed yes and hugged him. @tiffany1922 @mrsyookihyun @changkyunslays @Vkookie47
Well that was fun. Now that you're married let's find out your 1 year anniversary gift! Choose a gift box!!

Gift Box #1

Gift Box 2

Gift Box 3

Gift Box 4

Make your choice!!
wonho proposed! yay! ..... so, um, box #3
Box #3!
Gift box 1
Ah, the first date remembrance with Jooheon would be about right....and I will pick #3
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