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Tantalizing Thursday
I LOVE THIS GIF!! Hi everyone! I'm going to share with you our two beautiful dancers predebut pictures. They are so cute!! These will also include some of the other members too.
These are all Xero predebut. He really doesn't look that different. Younger obviously. STILL ADORABLE!
And Hansol doesn't look that different either. XD Again... Just younger. But I like that. Being famous didn't change them.
These are with all the other members. (KIDOHHHHHH) They really do look so young though!! Especially Yano.
The first pic is of Hansol working as a backup dancer in a live performance of Get Up by EVOL who is under the same company. And the second is of Hansol and his older sister.



The first two are Baby Jiho and the second two are Baby Hansol.


I KNOW! THIS IS NEITHER XERO OR HANSOL. But when I saw this I melted! B-JOO!!!!!! (What can I say?! He's my second after all.) Look at how cute he is!! He looks good in the glasses....
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Xero and Hansol are so adorable. ❤
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