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I'm late ugh, I've been busy pretty much all day and until now I could sit down and do this card and just when I clicked "done" it didn't actually add my card so I have had to redo it all over again ╥﹏╥ •but let's get started!•

August 18, 1988

•Rise of a Dragon•

he trained, he worked hard, and now...

he is the GDragon we love and admire

He is •••

A leader

An idol

A fashionista

A human

A king

(even a god, for all we know!)

our Kwon Jiyong,

our inspiration

29 years, and 10.3M+ fans I hope you had a happy and blessed birthday jiyongie! Thank you for all these years of joy and thank you for being the person you are, for us VIPs and for big bang as their leader!