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This morning I saw @twistedPuppy card and it got me thinking. I know there are a lots of Kpop fans. I used to go into the Kpop community looking for music reviews, new group introduction and such. I remember those amazing cards and playlist challenges. It was fun. I still do that now and then to read fanfics and hilarious cards. Though at the same time there are a lot of BTS dedicated card in the general Kpop area. I can see why other Vinglers might see it as repetitive.
I'm not here to change anything but I just want to encourage those of you who can't find their group or topic of interest here, to create it! For the longest time I feel like I was the only mando-pop, c-pop and taiwanese drama fangirl. I had a difficult time connecting with users because I am horrible at tagging. I was actually intimidated with the tagging system. Everyone else seem to have someone to tag but I have ZERO.
So, I broke out of my comfort zone and tag people who wrote cards or expressed interest in taiwanese drama and mando-pop. Well, guess what? I found a few. Even if it's under 30 people I still feel motivated to write more cards on mando-pop and Taiwanese drama. It's fun to write about something I'm passionate about and know that there are a few people who are also interested. It doesn't have to get a bunch of likes or comments. As long as I think it's valuable, interesting or fun, I'm content.
The intention of this card was to encourage everyone here to stay positive because I've been encouraged by many of you here. Here's a playlist of songs I want to dedicate to all of you!

Ben Wu - Let's Fly

It's an OST for a dancing theme Taiwanese drama. The lyrics are quite encourage and it gives me a lot of community feel!
Lol and yes, the girl also looks like J-Hope from BTS.

Nan Quan Mama - The Sun in Your Heart

The rap part is my favorite:
(Rap) 如果你遇到了困難 繼續衝刺不要害怕 就放心去闖 (Rap) If you encounter any difficulties, let go of your anxieties and sprint through it
就是你 做自己 勇敢做 你的夢Oh 人生一次放手一搏 一起揮手
Be yourself, courageously follow your hope (oh) Once in a lifetime, let's walk hand in hand

Yoon Do Hyun - Hope

Not many people listen to old school K-artist but I want to take this chance to introduce a song I really like by Yoon Do Hyun. The lyrics speaks my heart. :D

Jaurim - Shining

My favorite indie artist. She also sang the theme song for popular Korean drama Signal.
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@cindystran I like it! I whole-heartedly agree. simply making the cards can be a lot of fun too
a year ago·Reply
I'll try anything new when it comes to my friends interests! 😁
a year ago·Reply
I'm thankful for that! =)
a year ago
@cindystran i love all your cards i am not into a lot in Taiwanese stuff but i am really trying my best so far i am watching my third Taiwanese drama just you nd its soooooooooo good and actually thr is soooooooooo many Taiwanese actors i like Lols and i am definitely looking into watching more Taiwanese dramas also i love all your cards and Taiwanese music You share too can i give u a suggestion try watching thai dramas too bcs they are awesome too lols please keep tagging mee. :)
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Cool! I'll keep that in mind! =)
a year ago
I love these songs now! ❤❤
a year ago·Reply
The song "The sun in your heart" was first in Japanese, but I didn't know that there are a Chinese ver and I love it!
9 months ago·Reply