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Have you ever seen a shark in real life before?

I remember when I first moved to San Diego and was playing at the beach, a baby sandshark swam past my legs, and I just about LOST IT. Granted, the thing was only two feet maximum, but it was downright HORRIFYING.
I used to catch sandshark about 3-4 feet long all the time
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@danidee but delicious
This one is particularly dark, but no surprises tgere tbh. 馃槄
Bahahaah you're welcome! ;)
Big or shall, a shark is a shark
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Only that I've heard of some years ago. But we have alligators for sure and a few crocodiles
I was at a zoo during the summer and I got to pet a baby hammer head.
I remember seeing a boatload of caught sharks. Those people ate well that day.