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Hello again! Welcome to the sixth Moonbin Friday!!
So let's get into what this card's about this week!

Sleepy Moonbin!

Featuring Mr MJ.
I figured I'd post this video of all of Astro waking up. Aka Bin and Eunwoo waking up looking flawless AF. And then poor Rocky hiding his face. And then JinJin being the spirit animal that he is.
(Sorry the only subs/video I could find was with Spanish subs, sorry to those fellow English speakers!)
That's it for this weeks card. Look forward to next weeks card! ;)
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Moonbin flawless! That's kind of wrong though because I don't wake up flawless 😂
Although I love MJ I would feel unsafe around him if I fell asleep. Something about the 12 year old he is sets me off haha
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Exactly hahaha