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OMG so many wonderful kpop related hashtags trending on Twitter today! Didn't get to see these till lunch because today was the first day of school. But so glad to see the love spreading! Now, let's get started!


So what did everyone think of CL's first American single?! Personally I love it when she sings in Korean, more than when she sings in English, but that might just be because I've been listening to so much Korean, that English songs sound a little different to me. Does that happen to you too? Anyways, I still loved the song, was a little taken back when she was grinding on two guys though. Regardless, I think she killed it! There have been a lot of positive and negative reviews on her YouTube MV. Some are proud of CL, they love the song, and some are protecting her from those who dissed her. Now there are others who believe that "this isn't CL's style" which is fairly reasonable; some just aren't getting the same feel like when they're listening to her kpop songs. Others on the other hand are already dissing CL because she's a kpop artist. Some people are also upset about appropriating culture. And honestly, a lot of these topics that come up in kpop would make great speech and debate topics. But I don't think CL meant anything by it, kpop artists never really mean stuff like that. There have probably only been a few occasions, but I'm pretty sure American artists have done a lot worse. I'm glad BlackJack's are defending her. "You guys are all judging her because she is a kpop artist but if you heard this randomly on the radio without knowing its CL you wouldn't be judging and probably be bumpin' to it." -Jay "This song just be putting me in such a good mood." -Eli Minaj "CL literally said 'you don't know me and you don't know my style' and y'all are still trying to tell her this isn't her? Next." -Illucinations


Love this hashtag! It's honestly so cute! Just enjoy these selcas people posted on Twitter! Some were really aesthetic and some were super creative in choosing their pics!


Of course everyone knows what THIS HASHTAG IS!!!! Happy 10th Anniversary BigBang!!! I can't believe they've been around for so long! I was 7 when they debuted... 7!!!!! They've come so far! Please enjoy these wonderful pics of BigBang!

BIGBANG 2008-2015


Can't forget to show love towards V.I.P for dedicated faith and love for BigBang. They couldn't have done it without their fans๐Ÿ’•
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I like it .. It's different and a feel good vibe song