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This Video Proves Why Sororities Are Terrifying.

As a major source of philanthropy efforts, the Greek system should be given a bit more credit. Unfortunately, for every good deed they do, the sororities and fraternities of our nation's schools also do, like, five things worth making fun of.
Take the University of Texas' Alpha Delta Pi chapter, for example, who made the mistake of releasing a video that is unintentionally scarier than it is effective at recruiting.
Thanks to the help of some sufficiently weirded out co-eds, the video went viral almost instantly with journalists, bloggers, and everyone in between just shouting "WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON HERE?!"
My favorite is the awesome Gates Of Hell parody video I've posted above. Want to know what could make a group of overly enthusiastic sorority sisters even scarier? FIRE.

What do you think about the Greek system? Are you supportive of sororities and frats? Or are they, in fact, demon spawn?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more viraling vids, follow my YouTube Nation collection!
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I'm apart of a sorority and not all ones are like that. That is usually a recruitment method for chapters, national groups. They usually have multiple cheers to try and get new members excited when they enter the house for the first time. But that's not all what sororities are about. Many of them are kind and down to earth and think the cheers are as silly as everyone else. But hey, they work
@lovelikematoi I'd imagine that it's not every sorority and every fraternity that gets involved with hazing.
@HaleyHerbig I can get that! It kind of reminds me of when I was in girl scouts lol.
So wait there are chapters which are national and kinda like a franchise (for lack of a better word) and then there are independent ones???? I'm a college student but I don't know anything about these kinds of things (not my scene lol). And do they still do the hazing thing in the ones that aren't national?
I seriously want to join that sorority at UT Austin because my sister is in the EE chapter of ADPi at Texas Tech and my mom went to UT for five years after graduating from high school. I'm so excited!
Yes. I hear it's one of the oldest chapters in America.
Does UT Austin have a chapter of ADPi too?
I don't even understand what they're about
I don't know. They're just shouting their weird sorority chant at us in a strangely intimidating fashion.
that was horrifying
I was dying laughing the entire time.
There's a front stage personality and behavior to everyone. As someone who studies in sociology and psychology, and from experience of being around frats and sororities, it's not all as it seems. Given not ALL are the same, but a good portion share similar lifestyle and behaviors. Its known that people act differently depending on their environment and who there around. Frats and sororities, when being in public, doing events, volunteer work, and other noble deeds, are mostly acting in a Front Stage behavior. Front stage behavior is where you create an alterego or different personality to act out when your in professional or social environments. Most people do this with work, your not going to act the same at work as you would at home (depending on who you are and your lifestyle). Back stage is your true personality, the person who you are, what makes you, you. As I said not all frats and sororities are the same but the majority act in a front stage manner. Once you see them behind doors, or some other non professional setting, you begin to see who they truly are. Given parties can reveal these too, but who's to say they are not acting in a front stage manner there as well
In a sense no, if they are acting and behaving the same on both front and back stage levels then they are not showing an alter ego. It could also be apart of the personality they embedded during their time with the sorority. When I was in the military everyone for the most part had the same personality, humor, and behaviors. It's part of the social learning when you are in a total institution. Given the sorority may not have been a total institution, which would strip away all prior norms, beliefs, and personality characteristics, but it there was a major impact on them. The longer they spend in the sorority, the more they will develop these behaviors and attitudes.
Theres a sorority here in Mississippi and Louisiana called Alpha Kappa Alpha and they are borderline cult with it. They only wear pink and green and they hate anyone who wears red because that is their rival sorority's color, Delta. There are women I know who have been in AKA for most of their lives and they're like 50+ now and they still "represent" and wear the colors and sashes to church on particular days. One older lady gets pissed if you come in her house wearing red. Even if you aren't in any sorority. So the Back Stage/ Front Stage doesn't seem to apply for them right?
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