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Also on trending Twitter hashtags, we have #NCTDREAM Omg so apparently they're debuting August 25, and all of them are like babies.
And people are really outraged that Johnny still hasn't debuted yet. He must be doing something wrong for SM to not debut him. Or they're waiting to drop the mic on us... Nah! That's BigHot's thing! LMAO😂 I'm so used to seeing idols that are older than me, so when Astro debuted I was like, "HALLELUJAH! I actually have a chance!" Just kidding, you're an Asian girl in a sea of fans, you're a nobody. Thank you other half of my brain and my parents for remind me that.

That took a dark turn. Is it weird having idols who are younger than you? Or are you used to having idols who are younger than you?

I stg if people start to call those young smol pure kids daddy I'm gonna cut someone
Lol I'm 15 and I hate to be a noona now😭
I was at #PaulieEvivtionParry haha
what happened with that one?