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The most of my Trade-Cards are from STAs or WuSTAs. And I love it x3 STA: U draw 1-3 Cards and than u send that to the Admin of the STA. The Admin swaps the Cards of all artists and than he send the Cards back. U could komment that card and your chance to get that card is higher. Its funny xD WuSTA: you join a Group of 4-5 Persons and everybody post theire wishes and everybody draw a card for everyone in the group. At the end u get 3-4 cards. I love it xD I love all my cards and a big Thanks for all my Trade-Mades thx <333 u all done nice drawings <3 I love the backside of the cards. So sweet witd designpaper. Hope u like it x3 visit me in Facebook x3
@PiuPiuPENGUIN xDD I think I have under 50 cards xD It seems more, because I have a "Copy-Cards-callender" It was a christmis-gif xD But I will upload more x33 thx <333
@ Daggy xDD yeah the card from risto is one of my favorit cards *Q* I love her so much xD
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... I am so jealous q_q I have only like 50 cards so far q_q I need to trade more! Your collection is so awesome :3 Everyone! I would love to see your collections too! Please upload it for me x3 @Daggy @withy @nhia @umeart @vanlau @rebelle @dreamless @schattenranke
OMO OMO you have a card from risto ;A; i am so jellous ;A; *cries*