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Rules: Use whatever is similar to auto-predict or whatever it's called and tap words (only from the options it gives you) to make a sentence, paragraph, story or what ever you want. See what knobs of crazy stories you make.
Example: (mine) I am going to do 25 words. Omg! I'm so red and blue screen shot of my life is also pretty entertaining too :D you should try it but I'm tweaking. I sound like a mess XD haha. Idk if you guys will have fun but I just wanted to make a game xD. Imma do one more it's fun. XD Extra one: (I'll do a paragraph so maybe like 55 words and I'm just going to keep clicking the middle option just to see lol)

3, 2, 1 GO!

I know I was like what? O.o Damn I don't know if you want to see more of a bit late, and I don't wanna be bogus and play with your friends? O.o the first time in between Facebook and Twitter account for you guys but Lee Hwa Young was like holy trinity.
Update! I decided to post on Facebook as a status to see what my friends say. 😂
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I am a guy who is the best way to get the character of the day when I was wondering if you are stuck in the guild dungeon if you are stuck in the guild dungeon if you are stuck in the guild dungeon if you are stuck in the guild dungeon.
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kind of wonder what your phone bases this off. (intentional, not phone)
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@nicocoup well thank you ^~^<3
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I am a chemical engineer and I have neither recieved refund or the recharge I want to know the truth is a flagship device won't have a really bad camera in my perspective
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(i wanna try this but i turned off my text predict a long time ago---funny posts btw everyone 😂 keep em coming!)
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@lovelikematoi I'm glad I could help lol. I was curious as to what people would have xD
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