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Sony has found a way to get you to buy a compact camera with this neat little gadget. This clip on Lens is actually a compact camera but without a LCD viewfinder. So to see your pictures, you need to pair it with your mobile device (apple or android works just fine) and you can start taking pictures. Sony's clip on Lens has a built in sensor and battery and connects to your mobile device via WiFi.
@Benard well i think that everything you buy will always chave a better product in lineeee but i guess its about buying what completes your needs when you take photosss!
Yeah I would not buy it... seems like its still in the beta process.
@honeybumbleb @johnlee @miranpark88 Unless you have a need for this baby, I suggest that you avoid buying this for now. Cameras on smartphones are improving all the time and to judge the worth of this Sony camera, you need to look into how it performs in low light. This is the only weakness found in smartphone cameras now. So if you are only getting a larger image (the Sony gives you between 16 megapixel and 20 megapixel sizes) but with no visible improvement in ISO handling and Dynamic range, then the Sony is pointless.
@Benard dangggg! this definitely sounds high tech but def worth to tryyyy! you definitely got the tech goodies downnnnn! :D ohhhh!! and i got some updates on my search for the perfect camera!!!
looks so cool!!!
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