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Ever wish you had a straighter, pointier, or less bulbous nose without having to shell out the cash to go under the knife?

Well, Tokyo-based company Bibico has invented the very answer to your prayer with the Hanaputti, a pair of small nose 'braces' that help temporarily adjust your nose shape.

All you have to do is bend the braces and slide them into your nostrils for an effect making your nose look pointier and nostrils noticeably slimmer.

Customers can also choose between sizes small and medium for a range of different effects.

Apparently, the product is particularly popular among cosplayers, who use Hanaputti to create a nose shape that more closely follows that of famous anime characters.

But would you use this product to achieve a pointier nose? Would you recommend this for someone who's curious about plastic surgery?

I would be afraid of it getting stuck or sucked in.
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Well you can always ask the seller about the risks and the experience of others, if you buy it at a beauty store. (If they even have them in a store lol). You can also always try it out for a second and take it out fast.
nope not for me lol
The before and after looked almost exactly the same.
beauty is dangerous
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