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It's time to try out the challenge @nimm14 set up for us all over here!

Here's my five choices....

BEATTY from Re:Zero

She's kind of OP, lol.

LOKE! from Fairy Tail

He may not be perfect for Lucy, but I'd love to have him around & think he'd be really helpful!!!

HAYATE from Macross Delta (with his plane, k?)

Let's just hope my singing can do the trick :P Plus, we can't have Loke being the only guy on this team and I really like Hayate these days.

HOMURA from Madoka Magica

Love her or hate her, she's smart & a great fighter!

MIKASA from Attack on Titan

She's just awesome!!!

That's my team!!

Post yours up and tag @nimm14 so they can see it too :)
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Nice team xD