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Serenity and little lady for the international STA. This is the Shojo card (vegeta is the shonen card ;) ) So here i added many details and the background is glittering :) (just see the other pictures :) ) @manakeks here's my shojo card for the event :D
Oh wow!! *.* I not even a fan of Sailor Moon, but I'm totally overwhelmed by this card! It's so full of warmth and love! All the detail.... *.* and I love especially the colors you used!! <3a3
I really love this card, guess it`s my favorite so far *__* I always adored Sailor Moon and this is such a nice fanart ♥ I totally love their faces, they are so damn pretty. Great work, I would love to do a Kakao Trade with you in the future :)
oh my gosh, this is just SO BEAUTIFUL <3 <3 <3 I love her facial expression, it really seems to say "eternal and pure love" hahaha xD how cheesy, sorry xD but no seriously, the colours, the colouring technique, the motive, everything is so unbelievably awesome, you did an exceptional job with this card <3 Oh gosh, I feel like surrendering myself to you and beg you for this one xDD Dang, I wish I would have participated xDD
absolutely adoreable <3 this atc has such a good and calming vibrancy <3
@dreamless thank you very much >v< <3 i really had fun drawing her and little baby chibiusa
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