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Que tal peeps!

I'm up and can't imma do this series real quick. Thanks for the support and the feedback peeps!

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Yall know the drill

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Besos and Blessings up!

I only have a few female friends at school so far. Jessamine, Koko, and Maddie. Jessamine is dating Jimin, Koko is with Taehyung, and Maddie is with Hobi. These girls are super funny and blunt as hell. I'm do happy to have found them. We have so much in common. They are both from the fire clan, most of the other girls hate them (mainly due to jealousy), and they are the only ones that can keep these dragon boys in line. "Do you think the guys are still doing that Magix Sluts ish?" Koko says while opening g her book for English class. "I sure as hell hope not! I tired checking the website out but you need some code to even access it." I day while pulling out my Latin book. "Well I have access to it and I have seen some new uploads." Jessamine said while pulling out her political science book. "You have access? I heard that no females have access to this website. It is strictly for male views. How did you get access." Maddie said while opening her History of Magic book. Jessamine grinned. "Chica Jimin will spill the tea about anything if I give him head or just touch him in any lewd way. He can't hold water. Besides, I can read minds." "Wow Namjoon don't even know that I know exactly about the website. I did walk on him some time ago with Tiffani but he thinks I think he just like kinky stuff." I say "Well pull it up Jessamine. Let's us see." Koko says. Jessamine reached for her laptop when the guys came out of nowhere. All us girls had this we got caught look on out faces. "Pull what up? I hope someone has the answers for the Math test we have next week." Yoongi says while staring at us. "Huh...yeah we were all talking about our studies Yoongi." Maddie says. We were all in study hall in the library. This was the time to do whatever really. I couldn't help but wonder if Namjoon was still fucking other bitches for cash. I mean Namjoon, Hobi, and Yoongi were still making hot tracks. They just dropped one last night together called Cypher. It was fire and they would be performing it this weekend at The Lounge. This is a place we're us supernatural kids hang out and party. I get up to go look for a book I need as a resource for this Latin paper. We have to write about our family history in Latin and to be honest I was just going to make up shit. My family always lied about our past...especially my Phire family. I walk to the old side of the library. I wished to find a good translation dictionary. I bend down and find what I was looking for. I guess I was bent down long enough for this sneaky as dragon Kim Namjoon to sneak up behind me. I felt a warm hand rub my butt. I jump up. "Ah I heard you needed a dic..tionary." Namjoon grinned. "Yes I did need a dictionary Kim Namjoon. Stop being a perv." I say while attempting to walk away. Namjoon pushes me up on the book shelf. I couldn't see his face since my back is facing him. I feel him breathing on my neck. "Nice black favorite color Flame." Namjoon pauses and began rubbing me through my panties. I try to be strong but he was hitting my spot and he smelled so good. His voice was so deep and sensual. He was running pulses of heat through his finger tips. It was enough to make anyone go crazy. "I really need to complete this paper Namjoon. Stop playing around." I say through my teeth. "Playing around? Are you upset with me? If so let me make it up to you." Namjoon slips his fingers past my underwear and began fingerings me. My mind began racing. What do I do now I think. This shit feels so good and he knows I'm a monster trying to behave. We haven't had sex yet but we mostly make out. This was the first time he actually touched me like this. I ask him to stop but I seemed to open my legs wider. "I'm assuming you want me to go deeper. Tell me Flame...what do you want?" Namjoon says into my ear. "Yes....deeper Namjoon. Shit I fucking hate you." I moan. "I love it when you say that baby." Namjoon says while plunging deeper into me. He must've read my actions because I was about to squeal out loud. But he covered my mouth with his other hand. He was so good I was wondering how good was he with his dick. I could feel myself coming. I was completely soaked. Namjoon moaned to me biting his hand as a came. "Damn baby. Look at you. You stained the floor with all those juices." Namjoon said while pulling away from me. I look down and I could feel myself dripping. I was so embarrassed. I never got that wet before. "Um...I gotta go to the bathroom." "Okay. I will see you later." Namjoon licks his fingers. I kiss his cheek softly and then his lips. "But not before I...." I shoved my hand down his pants. He was wet from some precum. He began pulling him hard and fast while bitting his ear. He was cooing like a child. Damn he was a nice size. I think about him filling me. I talk dirty to him while I give him a hand job worth gold. "Grub me harder " He groans. I do as he asks and bit down on his neck. He then shoved his tongue down my throat as he came.
After classes I was laughing to myself about the nickname we gave ourselves. Maddie, Jessamine, Koko, and I decided to name ourselves Bulletproof Babes since our boyfriend are basically bulletproof in their full form as dragons and we are their babes. Then I began wondering about that website again. Earlier that day I walked in on Jin recording a session with some girl named Sunny. She was one of Tiffani's home girls. He was shocked and apologized for me walking in on him. What he didn't know was that seen the camera. That's why I think the guys are still maintaining this nasty ass website. As I walk about Tiffani and her friends I hear them snickering and pointing. I ignore them and keep walking while putting in my ear plugs. I'm doing good and haven't killed anyone. I won't let her catch me off guard. I was happy that I ran into Jungkook. I haven't seen him all day. "What up sister!" He says while giving me a high five. "Hey Kookie what are you up too?" "Nothing, I'm one my way to see Jessamine. She's tutoring me in Spanish." He says. "That's cool but you know my gift is in languages you can always ask me for some help too if she's busy." I say while smiling. "Well...if that's your gift why do you need a Latin dictionary? No shade but Jessamine's the President of the Spanish club. Plus I've known her longer. Thanks for the offer." Jungkook says. "I gather this book to read for fun brat! Don't question my gifts boi!" I smack him across his head. He laughs as we arrive to Jessamine's room. The door wasn't locked so I opened it to find naked ass Jimin walking around. "Baby where is my clean underwear? I know I left some in here. You made me mess the ones I had on." Jimin said while running his hands through his perfect hair. Jessamine had to be in the bathroom attached to her room because I didn't see her. "Papi the first drawer. You left some in my panty drawer." She yelled. Jessamine walked out to see me and Jungkook with red faces. She quickly threw a random sheet on Jimin. Jimin still was confused and didn't notice us. "Papi put on some clothes our amigos are here! I'm so sorry guys. I lost track of time thanks to Jimin." She said. "Ugh I've seen worst Jessamine. I was just walking with Kookie. Oh you will be at the event tonight?" I say while trying to ignore Jimin. "Oh yeah! I'm super excited plus Kookie, Jimin, Jin, and Tae will be doing a song too! I had no idea how talented our babies are." Jessamine said. By now Jimin was dressed. He laid on Jessamine's bed and began listening to music through his headphones. Jungkook sat at Jessamine's desk to get ready for his tutor session. I was about to leave when Koko busted into the room. She almost knocked me over. She's was panicking. "What the heck Koko?" I say. "I'm sorry but girls we have a problem on our hands. Drop whatever you are doing!" Koko yelled. Koko grabbed me and Jessamine.Jungkook and Jimin followed. I wondered what was going on. Koko eyes were wild and she walked super fast. "Koko slow down your thoughts are all jumbled up chica." Jessamine said. "Don't use that mind reading ish on me Jessamine! Just get prepared.......

Lol what will happen next peeps? I will let you gather yourself before the next series lol!

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It never fails, just getting in the story and the end. You got me again πŸ˜‚
@amobts μ§„μ§œ?!?! I get caught up on your cliffhangers every dang time!!! sheesh!
Omg @amobts Jessaboo, I hate cliff hangers!!! You best update soon chica!!! Abrazos y besos!!!
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