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Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun’s Star-Studded Wedding
1-Kim Bum 2-Choi Jung Yoon 3-So Ji Sub 4-Song Seung Hun 5-Lee Bum Soo and his wife 6-Jin Goo. He played Lee Byung Hun’s younger version in the drama “All In 7-Jung Yumi 8-Joo Sang Wook 9-Kwon Sang Woo and wife Son Tae Young 10-Kim Tae Hee to be continued .... credit to photo owner
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WHERE has #1 been recently?!? I haven't seen him in anything in a while.
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@multifacetedacg do you mean kim bum he is acting in a historical drama goddess of fire :D
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Kim bum looking SOO COOL he is soo mature now just love him ❤😊😍
4 years ago·Reply
Moon chae won nd kim bum so c00l
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