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It's always nice to hear groups sings in different language. Got7 has two members with fluency in Chinese (Jackson - Cantonese, Mark - Mandarin) but I was impressed by the group's vocal line.

安靜 (Silence)

Original singer: Jay Chou

爱很简单 (Love is Very Simple)

Original sing: David Tao

可惜没如果 (If Only)

Original singer: JJ Lin

星晴 (Starry Mood)

Original singer: Jay Chou
The sound quality is especially low on this one. You might have to amp up your volume a bit to hear it clearly.

喜歡你 (Like You)

Original singer: Beyond
My favorite song from their Chinese covers. Mainly because Beyond is one of my favorite canto band. =)
@SkyBlast yes they pick that song because if their favorite..they both like that song and it was for their showcase ony them that song can say a lot about them...I love it too..specially because is Markson❤❤❤
Thank you for this, GOT7 is my UB group and JB is my UB. I love their unique voices. Jackson's voice is beautiful in their song "See the Light". It's a good song!
that Mark & Jackson one really got me...... Jackson is so good😭
Their performance was emotional. You can tell just by looking at Jackson's expression.
@biancadanica98 True! My favorite performance is probably when they wore the pink and gray outfits. haha
@cindystran Both of them always nail it with their beautiful voices! 😍 I like watching their live performances too sometimes. 💜
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