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Today's task is to choose my favorite Anime so far. The draw back is that, as time passes, our tastes change and what we used to like more than anything also changes. What I decided to do was break my favorites up in to periods. I also have not included series I haven't completed, so Bleach, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter and several others aren't going to be listed. Now let the trip to the past begin...
1980's Battle of the Planets Battle..of the Planets! G-Force! Five incredible young people with superpowers! And watching over them from Centre Neptune, 7-Zark-7! Watching, warning against surprise attack by alien galaxies from beyond space! G-Force! Fearless young orphans, protecting Earth's entire galaxy! Always five, acting as one! Dedicated! Inseparable! Invincible!
1990s Crayon Shin-chan This show follows the adventures of the five-year-old Shinnosuke "Shin" Nohara and his parents, baby sister, dog, neighbours, and friends and is set in Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture.  I kind of missed the bulk of the 90s trying to figure out life... I still don't get it. Shin-chan is one of the few I do remember from then tho.
2000 - 2004 Tie. Full Metal Alchemist, Onegai Teacher, Hell Girl and Chobits. I really can't pick just one of these because the were all so great to me. There were quite a few more that I enjoyed, but these stand out the most for me.
2005-2009. Neon Genesis Evangelion There were a lot of good shows during this period, I think this one barely edged out Ah,My Goddess because it made you think. If Asuka had been a little less tsundere, this would be in second place. It's that close for me. Honorable Mentions: Darker Than Black, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Monogatari, Heaven's Lost Property, Corpse Princess, Inuyasha, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Negima!, Shakugan no Shana, Rosario Vampire, and Ergo Proxy Show to avoid unless you are really brave: Kodomo no Jikan. This series creeped me out.
2010-2014 This period has a whole mess of great shows. It also marks a period where fan subs began to be quickly available, allowing for 5-10 series per season to be watched, some as soon as 8 hours after the original airs in Japan. This is a really hard choice for me, but I would have to pick: Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. I loved this series and the end was one of the saddest ever. There's a twist that makes the sadness worth it. This just barely edged out Your Lie in April. Both were incredible shows, but I haven't been able to rewatch it yet because feels... Others I really enjoyed from this period are: Haiyore Nyarko-chan, Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl, Maken-Ki, Mirrai Nikki, Kore wa Zombie, Fractile, KissxSis, Maid-sama, Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Highschool DxD, Watamote, Love Live, and Haganai.
2015-2016. There is so much so far that by 2019 I will have to do a card for each year. But since it's only 18 months it's not too bad yet. My favorite so far is Plastic Memories. I really loved this show even though you knew what was coming. Jitsu wa Watshi wa is a close second. I enjoyed the character development, plus Yoko and Nagisa are really waifu-able. Others I really enjoyed are Boku no Hero Academia, Chivalry of a Failed Knight, Arslan Senkai, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon, Monster Musume, Okusama ga Seitokaichou, Subete ga F ni Naru, Testament of Sister New Devil, Is There Never a Girl Online, GATE, To Love-ru and even though it isn't complete Re:Zero.