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I sobbed buckets.. if you haven't cried for probably don't have lacrimal glands!!
I cried rivers when Dobby died TT
@neaa Fred! and Lupin and Tonks.. I was deeply shattered reading! I cried in the movies not because of the deaths.. i cried because it was the last of it.. I actually started crying when the warner bros came up.. XD @divalycious u must definitely do so! You'll love Harry potter! XD
@divalycious i totally agree with twilight being a disgrace to humanity.. if mildly put!! you should surely give it a shot sometimes.. hope you like it!
@neaa when those books came out i was trapped in my chick-lit phase and i don't think i've fully recovered. n then i actually read all of the Twilight series and those were really off putting, but having started i couldn't stop. I will give the Harry Potter series a go soon times ... :D
i didnt cry in the movies... but while reading the books..i sobbed buckets of tears
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