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I'm not really ashamed of anything so this is going to be more of a "Don't watch if you're a easily embarrased" card.
Maken-Ki An ecchi look at magic school. Okusama ga Seitokaichou Uptight boy finds out he's married to the pervy Student Council president. Kanokon Fox demon has the hots for a classmate. Its mating season.
Valkyrie Drive Unleash your power with Yuri action Dance with Devils At times you'll find yourself asking " What the hell did I just watch???" KissxSis Twin sisters fight over the same boy... Their little brother.
Onegai! Teacher Young boy gets married to live in his own... to his teacher Highschool DxD A boys first love goes horribly wrong. He awakens as a demon surrounded by female demons who have a hard time keeping their clothes on.
Yousuga no Sora Boy dates several of his female friends before finding true love... with his little sister. Kodomo no Jikan First time teacher has problems with girls in his class throwing themselves at him... he's a third grade teacher.
There you have it. I'm not embarrased that I watched them and thought they were good, but many people might not want to admit they've seen them. Boku no Pico didn't make this list because I could not watch the entire thing... I'm not brave enough and didn't like it.
As far as show that I liked but could be ashamed of (shame is rare for me) I'd probably go with Ouran High School Host Club. Seeing as I'm a guy, it seems to be a show more geared towards females
Yosuga no Sora was such a broken narrative that it was hard to follow, and the end result was just weird. Even by my standards...
boku no pico for me 😅
Inaba Cuticle Detective I don't know if I'm ashamed or not cuz in the end I was like what the hell did I just watch