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this was my entry for the rune competition. was'nt taken for the job to draw for rune, but thats ok :) Maybe another time ^^ medium: copic + polychromos + white ink
I love the step by step view you provide :) I hope I can see more of this soon! And what is a rune :D? I love how your "chibification" doesn't look too much out of proportion :D
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:D thank you very much. Rune is a shop in NRW. they are selling japanese merchendise and manga related stuff. I just happen to found them on the internet, as they seem to be into the "szene" and take part in some organisation stuff for some cons i think ^_^ So for this competition they where looking for artists, who drew them as chibis, which will be sold later :)
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I think these really are amazing, can`t imagine why they didn`t choose you.
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