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Starlights we need to band together!!! I know some people are multi fandom people, and I'm not asking to betray any other fandom if you don't want to. This is for true Starlights!! Now you DO have to have a sign in if you don't already have one you can create one quickly and for free, like I did!
Once again I'm not asking anyone to betray their fandom, but for true Starlights please help out voting if you can!! Besides, how can you resist these cuties??
going Vixx all the way I love exo but I'm always loyal to my Vixx because they are my star and I'm their St☆rlight
when you're in a multi fandom but you can't choose who to vote on
too difficult to choose between the two
💖💗💖 My VIXX feels are much stronger than my Exo feels. Like tons! 💓
i love Exo and the whole bad boy look. but VIXX did such amazing job with this new concept gotta go with my darkness kings this round.
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