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I've been hearing alot about Exo's new song Lotto and not many people like it. I can understand greatly, your favorite singer's voice has turned autotuned. Ive found it difficult to distinguish my baby's voice to someone else in the song and the only time I've managed to hear his voice was in a 2 second part XD but tbh I'm not hating on the song.....The song is pretty amazing once you hear multiple times unless you're me and fall in love instantly with their music (shhh don't tell BigBang XD ). Besides the song is a club song so of course it'd be a little different from thier last songs....Also who doesn't like seeing Exo as smug casino players?♡♡♡
Salad out (● 3 ●)/
I love it. I don't know why people are so upset about the auto tune it fits with this style of music and it's not like we don't already know EXO can sing lol its fun it's different. all I know is I'm rocking out to it 😁
I actually love it
I love it most don't cause of the auto tune how sehun and lay and xiumin don't have many lines
I was afraid to listen to it because of all the hate it was getting and so I decided I would wait until the MV dropped. annnddd I love it now. So don't let others make your decision for you^^
when my daughters and I heard it yea we heard the autotune and went well Damn that's different and loved the song immediately cause Damn that beat was already filling us up!
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