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This one I drew for a friend on Facebook. This Rp had Dipper, a Stargazer enthralled by all things in the cosmos. Bill is a star god who notices a child who has inense energy emitting from him like one of his stars, however he did not create Dipper. He descends to earth to investigate.
Taking place after Fiddleford is nearly sucked into the portal, Fiddleford leaves Stanford and their research unable to deal with the situation any further. However, Bill possesses Fiddleford, and changes his appearance. A grief stricken Stanford wants Fiddleford to come back, but Bill convinces Stanford that he's all that he needs.
Billdip Crystal Falls AU! Made originally for a friend who is no longer on Facebook. A crossover between Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. A new threat emerges that the crystal gems have yet to figure out as a pathogen from homeworld has been released onto earth, infecting organic life with crystalline growths. The mystery twins team up with the Crystal gems and eventually Bill after he becomes infected to try to find a cure. The people infected also get unstable gem energy.
These Rp ideas are still open, and I'll gladly rp with anyone that has pretty good grammar. I can also Rp in both English and Spanish. If anyone else has an idea for what they want to Rp for Billdip, Billford, Fiddauthor, or Mabifica, I will be more than happy to draw it!