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Recently, Suga had an interview and solo photo shoot and opened up about being Agust D.
Suga picked the name Agust D, through a flashback to a previously used name of DT Suga. He had used the name backwards in a song before. The DT part refers to his home town, D Town, and says he likes the meaning and way it feels when he says it. Suga also likes that it came out in August.
Speaking about the songs, Suga said the foundation was exactly what he wanted with the hip hop base. Suga also commented he wanted to make people question if he was allowed to say what he said. The lyrics were so strong, but spoke of the struggles he had. Which provided a sense of relief for him to be able speak of these stories.
There was also talk about some of his dreams, and revealed a very strong goal. “The media chases after issues and sets up the standard of beauty as being dependent on how thin someone is. However, there are people on the other side of the world starving and dying because they do not have food to eat. There needs to be more attention towards that side. If I become an influential and honorable person, wouldn’t I be able to shift people’s attention to that side?” This is a goal with fighting for, in my opinion.
And check out both videos!

What are your thoughts? Enjoy hearing how Suga wanted his mixtape to go? Let us know in the comments!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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I love this men so much I have a lot of respect for him and a lot of love his my UB in BTS and I'm just so proud and happy for him his an amazing person ❤️❤️
his music makes me smile, cry, and die
Very good vision !
@kpopINT please tag!!!
I love the fact that he swears relentlessly in his mixtape. The industry has been banning songs from broadcasting because of brands or profanity, but I love how Suga doesn't care. He released it as his music and he wants to do what he wants because it's his. I love how take charge, defy society that is. He will always have my love and support! Love from LA!!!