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Hey guys, so I started a YouTube channel a couple months ago and things aren't going too badly. Basically I do reviews (videogames and anime primarily), nerdy videos, skits, and let's plays (for daily content.) My question for everyone is what do you guys look for in a YouTube channel? I was inspired to make my channel by YouTubers like Caddicarus, Jontron, Markiplier, TheMysteriousMrEnter, and JSE. Naturally since I'm just starting out I'm not that great yet, so I'm looking for different views and opinions for what makes or breaks it for people so i can get better. (not asking for subs, but if you need a frame of reference for my stuff here's a link.
I love videos that make me laugh, like LostPause if you haven't heard of him he really is funny and entertaining. so I would love to see some more funny nerdy anime videos
I mean, I'm not a big person in watching someone play a game or give reviews. I like seeing people do skits in video games or mess around. But I like more edited videos then less editing, so untouched unedited videos are my bane. But for some reason I like sykcho, and he's a let's play person, although his voice is really awesome and keeps me attracted, so I usually put on a playlist of one of his let's play and do something else while it's playing. In terms of big youtubers, I've been following vanoss since 10k subs, and uberdanger since 25k. they put a lot of effort in there videos in terms of editing, and it pays off and attracts me. Or you could be uberhaxornova and rage at every game that you don't do good and be big that way
I want to start vlogging and have no idea where to start. any tips
Yeah being funny and putting smiles on people's faces is always good but don't try to hard, most times it has to come naturally. 😊