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Yui works at department store but secretly being a part timer in another place. Rihito, a man who works in HRD central office, knows the secret. To keep the secret, for the feedback, Rihito wants to take care of Yui. But then Yui interests in him... ------------------------------------------- Sorry for the late post. I have been so busy with my college stuff and works. This Izumi Miyazono's manga really refreshing. The story is agreeable for an adult yet teenager could read it. I enjoy reading Miyazono's sensee manga. Her female characters not (too) weak yet they are very independent. And the guy are handsome either (kyaaaaaaaa!!! xD) Rating: 7.5/10
Question of The Day "What is your favorite scene of manga? example: when they met, when they separate, etc" Mine: When the character is walking on the street near the river in the afternoon and the wind blows