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There's so many different elements of Kpop groups, and one of the biggest points is the dancing. I always enjoy each style of dance and seeing how two choreographers can teach the same style in different ways. That's one of the best parts of being a dancer in my opinion. Because you see how each person puts a bit of their soul into a dance, like it's a horcrux. And each group has their own styles, B.A.P more rough, EXO more sensual, and some groups who are just starting to find their style, like Seventeen. But it's not always the groups that do this, it's the choreographers behind the moves. And here are seven who are killing it right now.
Blazer Pyo
Blazer Pyo has been working for JYP for years, training different artists including Suzy of Miss A. During MNet's first episode of 'Hit the Stage', he became a subject of Naver after performing with Momo of TWICE. And check him out in this video from a dance workshop! He could put some famous dancer to shame with those moves! And Blazer Pyo knows how to work it.
Keone Madrid
Most recently known for doing the choreo for BTS's 'Fire', including moves that even Keone says are difficult for professional dancers. His wife is also an amazing dancer, and the pair can be seen in Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself.' I wish I could see him dance with BTS, because he can dance. His style is a hip hop, but he has this signature about his moves that sets Keone apart. 'There Goes My Baby' is such an emotional performance, and shows what Keone is about. While I may not be a Bieber fan, Keone's cover of 'Where Are Ü Now' has made me come to enjoy it. The dancing was true to Keone, and I have no more words to explain it. I saw the chapstick fall out of one of their pockets, which is honestly really nerve-wracking. To be dancing and have the floor be one way then some trip/slip factors come in, and can throw you off your groove. But they handled it like the pros they are.
Sugawara Koharu
Sugawara Koharu is a name who is breaking through. She did the choreography for Taemin's Japanese Solo 'Goodbye.' She also recently opened her own company in Japan. Sugawara and Taemin did a duet on 'Hit the Stage', which was flawless! I mean, I wish I was Taemin, just so I could dance with Sugawara! She also did a cover of 'Elastic Heart' by Sia, and watching her face is truly an honor, because you can see every ounce of effort that's in her moves being translated into emotion. She has this aspect of control over her muscles that I have never seen anywhere else.
Ko Kyungjun
Ko Kyungjun works for DQ Agency Dance Team as a main choreographer and dancer. He did the choreography for both of ASTRO's title songs, SISTAR, and MONSTA X. The dance team had also performed with MONSTA X's Shownu in 'Hit the Stage.' The choreo for 'Stuck' was bomb, and the best part was watching everyone on the sides jamming out during the rap break.
Rocky of ASTRO
While Rocky may not have had a hand in the choreography for his group's two title songs, he has been causing a stir starting with his dancing skills. Once Rocky began to gain attention for his skills, he was allowed roles in choreo for both lead songs and 'Fireworks' off their latest album. It was a little tame, but for someone who's just starting to choreograph for large groups. I wonder what he's going to do next, but this is really cool to see where he's starting from. Rocky assisted for the SBS Inkigayo Special UDF Stage 'Six-Pack.' From watching this, I feel the need to learn it, and that is something I wish I could experience from all dance videos.
Kyle Hanagami
Kyle Hanagami worked with many artists and had a breakthrough when he worked with Red Velvet. He launched a special project in 2013, called "Letters of Love" for cancer research A year later, Kyle was diagnosed with Leukemia. "Letters of Love" had became a lot more personal, and he worked through his illness to wow Kpop fans with his moves, which deserves a round of applause. Now he's working with YG's newest group, BlackPink. His cover of 'Cold Water' by Bieber showed his lose side. It wasn't like majrity of the other choreographers so far, because his moves didn't need to be defined. You could still tell what each move was, but they had a lyrical element because the moves flowed together. And the 'Yonce' by Beyonce cover was a little less lyrical, but it showed another side of Kyle. He doesn't have one specific style, he meshes things together as he desires, and that sets him apart from other choreographers.
1 Million Dance Studios
1 Million Dance School has produced a lot of terrific dancers. One of those is Kim Tae Woo, aka Kasper, who calls the place home. He works for SM, making headlines for his recent appearance on SBS's 'Starking.' Kasper made an appearance in Taeyeon's MV 'Why.' I think he appeared at the end, in one of the pictures. Choi Jun Ho, the master behind Taemin's 'Drip Drop', also comes from the school. 'Drip Drop' had this seductive feel about it, and was very enjoyable. Jun Ho created a cover of 'Don't' by Bryson Tiller, which was very well thought out, each hard hit was accompanied by a strong move, and was a great entertainment to watch. The dancer who Hoya of INFINITE was paired with for the Usher 'Good Kisser' special stage also originate from 1 Million.
Honestly, these choreographers have been making so many great dances, and I can't wait to see what they do next. To watch them evolve will be such a joy, and I hope someday I get the chance to be at one of their dance practices.

Which choreographers are you watching for? Think someone should be added? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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