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Exo Heaven (Exact Album)
And Vixx Heaven from its Chained Up Album down Below
So these 2 songs are actually my ultimate favorites So I just wanted to share it with you all. But Let me say this is not a comparison , I am just just sharing how both of these songs are similar and beautifully written , amazing and beautiful in its own way. I completely love both of these songs sooo much. Please don't take this the wrong way this card is only posted to share my love for both of these songs with you all. Because I always listen to these 2 tracks when I am looking for some positive Vibes. Enjoy all I hope you like these 2 songs as much as I do :).
Vixx Heaven (Chained Up Album)!!
This song is actually dedicated to all starlights and how uri Vixx boys are always with us, to cheer for us to protect us even just with their music.
I absolutely love these 2 songs sooo much
What do u all think about these 2 songs?
Happy Friday Everyone. :)
All credit to its actual owners for everything