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they have over 100 different things they will sell at tomorrows 10th anniversary! wow!!
This is my first time seeing them so I'm freaking out! can't sleep right now so I'm reviewing all the orders i have for tomorrow i guess people are taking advantage of free delivery for over 50$ . ill keep you guys updated tomorrow once there thru insta or snapchat
Wait is this just for the concert or you can order and it's shipped to you?? What's the website????!!!
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this is for concert only but there is a place you can put an order thru ( not yg official) it's a shipping company
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Haveeeeeeeee funnnnn 😍
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thank you! i slept so awful! :( it always happens the day before
a year ago
woah have loads of fun ❤❤
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thank you ♡ I'm already tired lol
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