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Okay, so my team doesn't actually consist of any of the avengers, but I couldn't resist! @nimm14 brought this game to us where we assemble a team to save the world! I was also tagged by @assasingod and @HunnaBallue so, yeah... Why the hell I'm apparently destined to save the world, I have no idea, but minor details! As team manager, here are the characters in recruiting to save the world!

Korosensei - Assassination Classroom

So maybe this is a little because I just want him back, but I think I want Korosensei on my team! With his assassination skills, tentacle abilities, and other skills he's learned with his Mach 20 speed, including medical skills, I think he's a great candidate for the job!

Jellal Fernandes - Fairy Tail

There are a ton of characters in Fairy Tail I could choose for this task, but I decided to go with this powerhouse. A former 10 Wizard Saint (if I recall correctly, he was stripped of this title), Jellal is one of the most powerful mages in Fiore with an incredible sense of duty. He won't let me down easily!

Alucard - Hellsing Ultimate

I don't even know what to say about Alucard, but I want this ultimate vampire on my team! I might choose differently, as the threat was not specified, but, depending on the circumstances, I imagine he'll be tremendously useful!

Naruto Uzumaki - Naruto Shippuden

This selection may be partly due to my recent push on Naruto (I've put my other anime on hold so I can catch up before it's over!) Again, I could choose a multitude of characters from this anime, but I don't like to double dip, and, in the end, I decided Naruto might be best suited for this task! He's super OP, and he'll never give up!

Merlin - Nanatsu no Taizai

So I haven't actually seen what Merlin is capable of yet, but I'm impressed by what I saw in season 1, so I think the Boar's Sin of Gluttony would be a great addition to this team! I just hope she doesn't give the boys too many nosebleeds...

Honorable Mentions

I wasn't going to do honorable mentions for this, but I felt the need to recognize some of these characters that I also really wanted on this team, but didn't quite make the 5 character cutoff! Call them the B Team?

Yato (& Yukine) - Noragami

Yes, they are a package deal, so Yukine automatically comes with! If this doesn't qualify Yato for bewildering l becoming a God of Fortune, I don't know what does!

Tsunade Senju - Naruto Shippuden

The Fifth Hokage was a high consideration for her medical expertise (always nice to have insurance), but she also has a considerable amount of offensive firepower.

Sadao Maou - Hataraku Maou-sama!

If I need to assemble a team to save the world, there's gotta be plenty of despair to power up this satanic hero, and he can't take over the world if there's no world to take over, so he's got motivation!

Gowther - Nanatsu no Taizai

Like Merlin, the Goat's Sin of Lust is still a bit of a mystery to me, but he seems to be incredibly powerful. I think he's a god? And even though I already have a god, I felt obligated to recognize him.

Saitama - One Punch Man

Yeah, this guy kinda goes without saying, but, like Alucard, his effectiveness depends on the nature of the threat.
As always, this was fun, and I hope you enjoyed, if you made it this far! But now I wanna know who YOU would choose! You don't necessarily have to do it if you're tagged here (if you've already done it, I'd appreciate being tagged in a comment so I can see your team!), but tagging people! @AimeBolanos @alliepetey @assasingod @biancadanica98 @BlackDragon88 @CandyApple22 @choppabelle @DemonAngel522 @fairydemon15 @hanetama @hikaymm @HiwaRasul @HunnaBallue @JasmynAnchondo @JessicaFerrier @jevonlowery @KageTsuki040910 @kazam98 @KennyMcCormick @KiNg4LiFe @kouvarisb @KurosakiJess @LuffyNewman @midnitestar421 @MissStrawberry @msfancysunshine @NikkoNikole @NikolasSatterwh @nimm14 @otakukpoper @ovvhr @PASCUASIO @RazChaosRender @SAMURXAI @SimplyAwkward @SuperWolverBat @TakamiRen @Taylor18920 @Tylor619
@BlackDragon88 he was close! as you can see, he is on my "B Team!"
Cant do this now, but sounds fun. I figured you would include Saitama though, actually!
The world is safe for another day, great team xD
Ooh, this seems cool! OUO
@MissHitachiin I know! It's so exciting! 🤓 Shit is happening! AAAAAHHHHH!
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