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I've been a kpop fan close to a decade. Se7en and TVXQ being my gateway into the genre. Over the years, you see lots of groups come into their own in terms of musical style and dancing. But can we take a moment to appreciate how wonderfully some artist age? Perfect example: Changmin of TVXQ
Look at that fresh faced fetus!
Look at that bad hair! (oh the mid '00s were so good to us)
And then 2nd puberty hit! (2nd puberty is what I call that last hit of growth most guys go through once they hit their 20's and all the body hair and muscles finally decide what the hell they want to do for the future of humanity)
So like a slow butterfly emerging from a cocoon of bad haircuts and style choices, Changmin grew from a pretty little maknae to a 6'1" stud!
I've had the privilege of watching him grow up. He's now proudly serving his country with his bro Yunho (who is actually my bias) and still got one of the most powerful voices in Kpop (fight me over this!)
But he still has those moments where he is still utterly adorable! I don't think that's something anyone can grow out of!
So remember, if you think your bias looks good now at the age of 18-20, give it 5 more years and you'll really feel the thirst!
"Who are you...?"
"I am you, but stronger."