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Here's something for all you Street Photographers.
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@alise, make sure you go out and try out these tips. It will be fun. @miranpark88, only in Namdaemung I think.....haven't seen that sort of color elsewhere....I bet it has changed over the you can do me a favor by updating the photos with the latest shots :-)
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@Benard will do!!! hope you like themmmmmm :D
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This is a great article! I live in San Francisco and hope to begin taking photos of the city when I'm exploring--any recommendations on easy to use cameras for amateur photographers? =)
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@peteryang292 There are plenty to choose from, I do recommend the Olympus Pen EPL-5. It is cheap to start with and easy to use. It is very small and convenient to carry around. If you are smartphone user and photographer, the Lumia 1020 is good to go. Digital is far cheaper to start with than film. When you are ready, then learn to use film. it is a different experience altogether.
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@Benard thank you! I'll definitely look into your recommendations!
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