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Although I ship Ichihime, I extremely feel by for Ichiruki supporters. Growing up watching Bleach I always had doubts that Ichihime might not happen and I always felt sad because I loved them so much. I might not have a place to say this but I know how you feel, because I feel like I know now that it could of happened. #4Ichiruki xD
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@Tylor619 I know its the episode were ichigo loses his powers and has to say goodbye to rukia
it was before Ichigo completely lost his Shinigami powers @Tylor619
I've always been a ichiruki supporter and I was devestated they didn't end up together though I'm extremely happy for Renji and Inoue since they ended up with the people they were always in love with.
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Oh wow!
I'm crying and dying in the inside and out 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
I was kind of shocked in the ending, but I think their children are so adorable!