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DISCLAIMER: This short has no association with my Fan Fiction Revelry - totally separate.
WARNING: Adult Situations
You’re like the group mascot; you’ve been friends with the group long enough that you’re pretty sure they don’t even see you as a female anymore. It’s been confirmed time and again when they invite you and friends to go places and their girlfriends are good with it. You've been deemed “safe” to be around their men.
Different trips mean different suites and rooms. You never know where you’re staying or with which members until you actually get handed a room key. Sometimes there are three room suites and the guys double up. Being the only female definitely has its perks on those trips, you being the only one with a room to yourself.
This trip is a nuthang outing. Not many can get away as soon as the guys are leaving; so they will be doing promotions before the rest of the crowd joins you in a few days. Due to girlfriends arriving, three different suites with three rooms each have been rented. Being the ‘friend’ without a boyfriend means watching everyone else get it on for the weekend. You decide it’s a beautiful enough location; nights out on the beach or reading on your balcony are enough to distract you from the ‘couple interactions’ going on around you.
You remain at the airport reporting your lost luggage, while the guys head out to their first promotion. Grumpy, tired, and now with no clothing; you arrive at the hotel to discover you’re sharing a suite with the members whose girlfriends can’t make it. You sigh in relief; that will help, since your earplugs and headphones are in your lost luggage.
There is no ‘Walmart’ here at the resort, so you are left with only what you can pick up at the gift store to tide you over.
Around dinner time your phone buzzes with a text from the GD.
GD: “Hey, sorry to hear about your luggage. You okay? My stuff is in the room on the right, feel free to scrounge around for anything you need.”
YOU: “Aww..thanks. However, you do realize that nothing of yours will fit me right?”
GD: “Lol, well, we are at the beach. Something a little tight or short wouldn’t be looked down on.”
You roll your eyes, really? Someone must be missing his female companion.
YOU: “Ha ha, like any of you would notice anything I wear or don’t wear, for that matter. But, I might snag a t-shirt to sleep in; you did bring some of those, right?”
GD: “Of course, help yourself. And btw, we notice many things you don’t think we do.”
Well that’s a weird comment coming from him. All the member’s actions counter that statement. You shrug; it doesn't matter.
The group isn’t expected back until late, you have the entire suite to yourself. You wander around, open the balcony doors and go sit out on the private dock. Ugh. It is too humid and muggy to be stuck in your travel clothes. You head into GD's room and start rummaging through his bag. Interesting the things guys pack; you notice he also packs really tidy. You start taking more care of how you move things around so you don’t totally mess it up. Grabbing his largest tank top; you also find a pair of really silky, sexy boxers. You smile and steal those too; hey, he said you could borrow ‘anything’.
You’re inside your room reading when the outer door opens and voices sound. Considering you’re in a tight tank and boy boxers, you stay where you are, hoping they keep to their routine and just head to bed. You’re tucked in a recliner by an open window when there’s a light knock on your door.
“[YN]?” you look up as the door opens and GD's face appears.
You close your book and look over. “Hey. You guys have a good day?”
He just stands there a minute, eyes fixed on you. A slow smile starts to creep across his face.
“Hello?” you try again.
His smile spreads as his eyes start to roam up and down you.
“I see you found my suitcase.”
You look down and cover yourself in slight embarrassment.
“Well, you said I could borrow anything. I happen to think your boxers look much better on me.”
“I did,” he states as he comes further into the room and sits on the edge of the bed, “and I think I might agree with that statement.”
His eyes finally meet with yours, “I just wanted to let you know that Seungri’s girlfriend was able to make it after all so he rented a one room little hut for them. That leaves just you and me here, is that a problem?”
You laugh, “Why would that be a problem? I’m the ‘safe’ friend remember? Just leave a sock or something on the door when you bring one of the island girls back so I know we have company.”
He sits there and just stares at you for a minute. He makes another slow perusal of you in his clothes than gets up and walks back to the door.
“Yeah, deal.” He rakes his hand through his hair, looks back at you over his shoulder, shakes his head and heads out. “Goodnight.”
“Sleep well,” you call out after him.
It’s SO humid and warm; damn this place for having no air conditioning. You wander out into the common room to get a cold bottle of water from the fridge and sit under the larger fan. You’re sitting on the couch, staring out at the crystal blue water, wishing for a breeze. You’d rather be sleeping, but it’s too uncomfortable. You’ve pulled your hair up into a clip; anything to try and cool off.
You close your eyes and press the coldness of the bottle against your breast and neck. You’ve almost drifted off when the chill of another water bottle hits the back of your neck.
OH, that feels so good. You didn’t hear him come out of his room; he must be having the same problem. You puzzle over him not using the cold water bottle on himself. You turn to look at him over your shoulder. It’s dark, with only the glow of the moonlight and you can only see his outline.
“Couldn’t you have picked a vacation spot with air conditioning?” you moan at him.
You hear a chuckle behind you as he rolls the water bottle around some more.
“That’s what the water’s for. Wanna go for a swim?”
You shake your head. “Swimsuit’s in the luggage remember? I’m not forking over $50 for a barely there strap of cloth the gift shop thinks is swimwear.”
“We could skinny dip..”
You throw back your head and laugh. “Wow, talk about friendship killer. You my friend have a body to die for, I; however, while not having a bad body, it is definitely one you’d not get out of your mind when you see me again.”
The rolling stops at your words so you peek back over your shoulder, “Not in a good way, I’m not your girlfriend. I'd just prefer not to see a grimace as the first greeting from you from now on.”
He softly chuckles behind you and you hear a whispered, “No, you definitely are not and I would not.”
Much louder you hear, “Do I have a girlfriend?”
You turn around in your seat to stare him in the face. “Did you guys break up? Why am I the last to know anything about you guys?”
He shakes his head, “No, we are still dating. But it isn’t public, so it's not really official; not exclusive yet.”
You raise your eyebrow, “And that can change in what a week? I bet it’d be public if she’d been able to come. You wouldn't get away from those fan pic’s that seem to catch you in private moments."
He turns his head away for a moment, “Maybe that’s why I didn’t invite her.”
You sit up straighter, “What?!? Why would you exclude her? Are you guys having problems?”
He shakes his head as he looks back at you.
“No. I just wanted a break, before anything got serious. Like you said, things can change in a week.”
You nod, “That makes sense I guess. Still, I’m sorry you’ll be in this gorgeous place by yourself.”
He throws his head back and laughs, “You're here by yourself. Are you not sad for yourself?”
You smile, “Nah, I’m always by myself. I’m used to it. Forever alone you know?”
You turn back to look outside, sighing that there’s finally a breeze wafting through the open doors.
His water bottle starts to roll over your upper back again; you tilt your head forward, enjoying the sensation. The next thing you feel isn’t a water bottle, but a finger, tracing the water droplets left behind. You still, unable to stop the goose bumps that have appeared up and down your arms.
“Ji? What are you doing?”
His voice is soft and closer than you thought, to your ear. “I’m wondering.”
“If it would kill our friendship if we became friends with benefits?”
Your eyes pop open. Did you just hear him correctly? Surely not, the night and jet lag must be playing tricks on you. Since you misheard, you pretend it wasn’t said and take a drink of water.
His finger has stopped tracing on your back, you let out a quick sigh of relief that gets suddenly sucked back in as its replaced by his tongue.
“It’s interesting what seeing a woman in your clothes and nothing else does to man. It sort of tipped me over the edge tonight.”
“Over the edge?” you manage to squeak out against his actions.
“Mm. You’ve never been invisible; to any of us. But we all made a deal that you were off limits.”
You straighten up and scoot over before turning back to him. “You all made a deal about me?”
His hand comes up to stroke your cheek, “You really didn’t think you could be friends with five red blooded males and not have us notice you did you? We made the deal so we didn't have to deal with any jealousy in the group.”
You look away from him, unsure how to take absorb that information. He chuckles and brings your face back to his.
“You did believe that. We’ve done you an injury, I'm sorry; shall I prove it to you?”
His lips come down on yours with a hunger you would never have guessed. This should be weird, you’ve been friends for a few years, and this will change things. But will it? If you both want it and agree to it, have an understanding about i; maybe you’re just switching to the ‘stress relief’ girl? It could work, you'd be willing.
He lifts his head a little and mumbles against your mouth, “Either you’re not into this or I’m doing a bad job; stop thinking.”
He slides his hands up to your neck, wrap them in your hair and pulling out your clip. He uses it to change the angle and ferocity of the kiss. Every brain cell suddenly blanks out and your hands come up to grab the ends of his hair. Oh, he is definitely not doing this wrong. Heat begins to build and an involuntary little moan escapes you.
“Say yes,” he prompts you as he nibbles on your bottom lip, sliding his hands down your back, then back up under his tank top.
“What about your girlfriend? Isn’t this cheating?”
He pulls you over onto his lap. This close you can now see for the first time, that he came out with only his boxers on. Your hands hit his male chest and another involuntary female groan of appreciation escapes your lips.
A look of pure satisfaction and victory cover his face. He starts nibbling on your neck, just up under your earlobe.
“She’s actually pretty smart. She's already seen my interest in you, where you never did.”
You pull back to look at him, “What?”
He slides you closer, tracing the tops of your breasts with his finger.
“She specifically asked if I’d ever gotten into your pants or vice versa.”
You’re eyes are transfixed on the designs he’s creating across your chest. When his finger makes a beeline straight down to his boxers that you’re wearing he smiles as he tugs on them.
“Well, I can’t say that you haven’t been in my pants anymore, though I don’t qualify these as ‘pants’.”
He begins to trace the elastic around your waist, he hands beginning to roam to the skin beneath. As your eyes begin to glaze over he continues, “And technically; since these are my ‘pants’, I’m not getting into yours.”
The last comment is made as he cups your bare bottom and pulls you up tight against his desire. The look in his eyes now matches the look in yours. This time your lips meet in the middle and everyone and everything else is forgotten.
Authors Note:
This came to me earlier this week with a different idol. If I don't write it immediately, it replays in my head for a few nights. On the 17th while awaiting news on my grandbaby, it replayed while I was trying to catch a couple hours sleep. HOWEVER, not on my bias list GDragon (he isn't allowed on my list because of my daughter) showed up and pushed the bias out. I argued but he looked at me, told me it fit him better and it was his birthday. Wow, well, alright than. Apparently from what I've heard I'm not the only one he's demanded writer love from for his birthday lmao. Oh, silly sexy man.
seriously damn that man for being so smooth. being the birthday boy doesnt give him the right. but that being said i enjoyed the heck out of that. 😆
you are an amazing writer. Thank you! is there room for more with this story
I completely agree. I kind of want another part. I'm so greedy 😂
I've died.
Damn it damn it damn it...I want-no I need more!~(>_<~) Your creations are always the best...I know, I know, I ask for too much but you always leave me wanting more(=`ω´=)💘💘
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