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There are so many things to love about our wonderful Leader Seo Eunkwang. So many in fact that I can't pinpoint just one thing. Instead, I'll feature a few of the wonderful qualities/traits he possess that make him the brilliant man he is.


His vocals were the first thing I learned about Eunkwang. I didn't know about his goofy side or disregard for keeping up an "idol" image. I didn't know his position in the group or that you can crack an egg on his cheekbones. I had no idea he's afraid of bugs or that he can't handle scary movies like me. I only knew this boy can sing. And he blew me away with his vocals. He has a beautiful golden tone to his voice and his timbre and pitch really set him apart, I can always tell when Eunkwangie is singing and honestly, his vocals gives me chills.
I included three different solo performances of Eunkwang singing for different shows. His voice is showcased best when he's singing ballads and his range can be highlighted.
I kid you not, when I was choosing examples of his singing, my roommate said "I don't get why you like Kpop, they all are such mediocre singers." I about flipped my lid and threw my phone at him and unleashed the full rathe of Helsoon (what @LemonLassie calls me when bitch mode has been engaged). Anyway, before I go looking for a new roommate, let's take a moment to enjoy Eunkwang's incredible voice.


I love his dancing. Not necessarily his dancing in their MVs or stage performances, though don't get me wrong, he's a great dancer. But I when I talk about his dancing, I mean his goofy dancing. In particular, I love his Ugly Face Dance.
It originated on Weekly Idol which is shown in the first clip. This took off and became somewhat of a legend on the show. Other groups would come on and try to live up to Eunkwang's dance but they would fail.
Last month as part of the Weekly Idol 5th year anniversary, they invited 4 groups on the show and made Eunkwang battle to keep his title. The second clip is of the final showdown between Gfriend's Yuju and Eunkwang.


I mean that in the best of ways. He is one goofy, weird, cute and endearing human being. I absolutely adore his goofy nature and I love that he's not too concerned with keeping up his image that he can't let loose and be his weird little self. Honestly, what would we do without his antics? He's hilarious and he helps get the mood up amongst the members.


Eunkwang has received criticism as BTOB's leader. I've read articles saying he isn't fit to be the leader because he isn't the popular member and therefore doesn't bring new fans into the fandom. He's also been criticized because of his goofy nature (discussed above).
But I believe he is the perfect leader. He genuinely loves and cares for his members. He's the one who resolves conflicts that happen between the members, makes sure they keep their schedules, feeds them (if you've been keeping up with @LemonLassie's BTOB Fairy series, you will have noticed that Eunkwang is constantly feeding the kids). He may not be responsible for writing or producing their music as some leaders do, but he encourages and supports the other members of the group who do. He cares about their studies, home lives, families and solo projects. He's not concerned with the bottom line or making a buck. He's concerned with the health and well-being of each member and BTOB as a whole. And that's what a good leader should be focused on.
As for his ability to goof around and have a good time, I see this as refreshing and I admire it actually. Often times, I find the leaders to be a little too serious in the public eye, as if they need to maintain this image as the one in charge at all times. I saw this at KCON when BTS finished their set and the other groups were coming back on the stage for bows and goodbyes. The BTS members were on the side of the stage and they were all goofing around, dancing and having a good time. Rap Monster (don't misunderstand me here cause I adore Rap Monster. He's one of my biases and my original bias wrecker) actually had to scold them in what looked like a decently forceful manner in order to get them to line up and stand still while the other groups joined them onstage. And from watching a lot of Bangtan Bombs, when the boys are messing around and then turn the camera on Rap Monster, he's often off to the side being quiet or he's doing something (probably work-related) and doesn't join in the fun. There's nothing wrong with this and I know Rap Monster has his hands full trying to wrangle those rowdy Bangtan kids, but I just love that Eunkwang is able to wrangle, care for and corral his group while still being able to goof off with them too.
There are many qualities that make for a good leader and I have only touched on a few. Leaders have many responsibilities that I could dedicate an entire card to, or series of cards to. Despite the criticisms launched at Eunkwang's leadership by entertainment personalities and even other idols, every member of BTOB has said Eunkwang is the only one who could effectively lead BTOB. They stand behind him, support him and look up to him, and I think that says a lot. Cause in the end, if the members don't support and follow their leader, they will not be able to lead in any sort of effective manner.
@MelissaGarza @HayleyEastman @JaxomB @LemonLassie You have all warmed my heart and given me some mushy gushy feels. Thank you ladies for loving and supporting our wonderful Leader. He's so amazing and does such a great job. He really deserves more recognition.
I super love this card. And despite what others say about his leadership ways i think they need to learn from Eunkwang. If you can corral all the kids, feed, schedule, and be in charge of them all at once then you, as a leader are doing somethinf right. enough said
EunKwang is amazing....and I wish he wasn't considered the least liked member. He is one of the best leaders out there, and Melodies can see it. Melodies do not fight with other fandoms, because we know there is no reason to fight. EunKwang and the rest of BTOB seem to be friends with every other idol group out there. When they don't win something, EunKwang sincerely congratulates the group that does win. He is such the loving and caring Appa.
Eunkwang is an amazing leader. He is absolutely fantastic
Eunkwang is a very caring leader. You can't be serious all the time 😉