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Today is a momentous day here in the Big Bang community and in the kpop world. Big Bang celebrates their 10 year anniversary as a group.
2005 - Back when there was 6 fresh faced trainees, all vying for a chance to debut as YG's next big boy group.
2006 - And then there were 5. After years of waiting and praying, Big Bang debuts to the world.
2007- The boys hit it big with their smash hit song 'Lies' and begin to gain international exposure in countries like Japan.
2008 - They follow up their success of 'Lies' with 'Haru Haru' and proof their staying power in the kpop world.
2011- After a 3 year hiatus, the boys return with their hit song 'Tonight'
2012 - Big Bang explodes back on the scene with their Alive album and, with it, a sold out world tour.
2015 - After another hiatus for solo activities, Big Bang returns with the MADE series and follows it up with yet another sold out world tour.
Big Bang is the reason why I even gave Kpop a chance. Without them, I would never have discovered such a wonderful and inspiring genre of music. Without them, I wouldn't have heard about this site and met all of the amazing people I have. Without them, I wouldn't have gone out of my comfort zones and gone on numerous adventures to see them in person and other groups.
Without them, I wouldn't be as happy as I am now.
So, here is to you, Big Bang. I wish you all a lifetime of health and happiness. Thank you for everything.
10 year until whenever!
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so true with big bang i would have never learned about the kpop world!
Our KINGsssss Forever VIP!!!!!