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"Its titled Lifted because it makes the Listener feel good and uplifted" -YG reps

Hello and what's up guys it's Kwon here and I'm about to lay down some fact that you may or may not have know about CL's Lifted~~
The music video was shoot in Brooklyn New York. And the song was made a few years back on New Years day. When CL was in the studio with Teddy. they were on YouTube watching videos by Wu-Tang and "Method Man" came on. And CL then went into the booth with the lyrics and started humming a melody which became "Lifted" as we know it today
The director for the Music Video is Dave Meyers ~~ You guys might know him he's directed many other MVs including: Rihanna- Where Have You Been Katy Perry- Firework Justin Bieber- Some Body to Love Fergie- Glamorous (He's worked with more top artist like Janet Jackson, Missy Elliott, Jay-Z, etc.)
Wung-Tang Clans song "Method Man" is actually sampled and you can see method man featured in the music video in support of CL❤

and the most important fact besides these skills^^

is that when CL says to "Rub it in the skin like lotion"

This is me lol