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@Sailynn here again! :D
This time, I'll be going over BIGBANG's last 10 years with you and the amazing work they've done!
Note that this card is being made BY a BIGBANG trashee (As you can see by my collection in the photo above), so anyone is welcomed, even if you don't know the group that well, or if you're a VIP too! <3
**Second Note~ This card will only be complete albums/mini albums. All of their EPs are difficult to track down :c
Keep in mind, my collection is still under construction for I am missing a few of their solo works. My sister has the Tonight album in her car as well as Taeyang's Rise album so I couldn't include them in the photo. e.e
Albums I still need~
G-Dragon: Coup d'Etat
Taeyang: Hot
Daesung: D'scover, D'solve
But that won't stop me! :D
Let's begin :3
There are mysteries surrounding the topic of what BIGBANG's initial debut song was. The answer is, they released a mini mini album every month after their debut leading up to the actual release of their full album. However, the argument is made that La La La was the song while others argue that it is A Fool's Only Tears (aka Together Forever).
Regardless, both songs helped put them on the market!
BIGBANG Vol.1 Since 2007
Released~ Dec. 23rd, 2006
1. Intro Big Bang **Also comes in ENG version in future albums**
2. She Can't Get Enough
3. Dirty Cash
4. The Next Day (다음날) [Seung-Ri Solo]
5. BIG BOY (T.O.P solo)
6. Shake It (흔들어) (Featuring 이은주 [Kim Ji Eun]) **Also comes in ENG and JPN version in future albums**
7. A Fool's Only Tears (눈물뿐인 바보) **Also comes in ENG and JPN version in future albums**
8. My Girl (Taeyang solo)
9. La-la-la **Also comes in ENG version in future albums**
10. This Love (G-DRAGON solo) **Also comes in ENG version in future albums**
11. Try Smiling (웃어본다) [Daesung Solo]
Honestly, you'll cringe a bit because you'll PHYSICALLY HEAR how far they've come since their debut. I couldn't get into this album until 2 months after I bought it mainly because it felt unbelievable that they'd come so far.
Definitely go back and listen to it though, it is a wonderful BANG to how BIG they've become. :3
Released~ August 1st, 2007
1. Intro - We Are BigBang(우린 빅뱅)
2. Lies (거짓말) **Also comes in ENG and JPN version in future albums**
3. Wrong Number (없는 번호) **Also comes in ENG and JPN version in future albums by the title of So Beautiful**
4. Act Like Nothing is Wrong (아무렇지 않은 척) [TOP Solo Feat. Ji Eun]
5. Oh ma baby
6. Always **Also comes in ENG and JPN version in future albums**
Hot Issue
Released~ Nov. 22nd, 2007
1. Intro - Hot Issue
2. Fool (바보) **Also comes in ENG and JPN version in future albums**
3. But I Love U (GD's Solo)
4. I Don’t Understand
5. Crazy Dog (Sampling By 환상 속의 그대 Of Taijiboys)
6. Last Farewell (마지막 인사 ) **Also comes in ENG and JPN version in future albums by the new title of Baby Baby**
Honestly, my top two songs in the first mini album Always is Wrong Number and Always. Always causes SO MANY FEELS, especially the ENG version that will appear in a bit. Those two songs make me swoon.
Hot Issue~
Fool and Last Farewell. More Fool, but the ENG version of Last Farewell is beautiful too, what gets a bit confusing though is the name change they do when creating different versions of a song.
For The World
(Japanese/International Debut)
Released~ January 4th, 2008
1. VIP (Intro) [ENG]
2. Big Bang [ENG]
3. How Gee [ENG]
4. Lies (거짓말) [Chorus in ENG]
5. So Beautiful [ENG version of Wrong Number]
6. La-La-La [ENG version of the original in their 1st album]
7. Together Forever [ENG version of A Fool's Only Tears]
8. Always [ENG version of Always]
With U
Released~ May 28th, 2008
1. Gotta Be With U (Intro) [ENG]
2. With U [ENG]
3. Baby Baby (ENG version of Last Farewell)
4. This Love (G-Dragon Solo) [ENG]
5. Mad About You [ENG/JPN version of Fool (바보) from Hot Issue album]
6. We Belong Together [ENG]
7. Shake It [ENG version of the original from their 1st album]
8. My Girl (Taeyang Solo Feat. GD&TOP) [JPN version of the original from their 1st album]
Stand Up
Released~ August 8th, 2008
1. Intro (Stand Up)
2. Haru Haru (하루하루) **Also comes in ENG and JPN version in future albums**
3. Heaven (천국) **Also comes in ENG and JPN version in future albums**
4. A Good Man (착한 사람)
5. Lady
6. Oh My Friend
Number 1
Released~ October 22nd, 2008
1. Intro [ENG]
2. Number 1 [ENG]
3. Make Love [ENG]
4. Come Be My Lady [ENG]
5. Haru Haru (하루하루)
6. With U [ENG]
7. How Gee [ENG]
8. Baby Baby [ENG]
9. So Beautiful [ENG]
10. Remember [ENG]
11. Heaven (천국)
12. Everything [ENG]
13. Always [ENG]
14. Together Forever [aka Candle] (JPN version of A Fool's Only Tears)
Released~ November 5th, 2008
1. Intro - Everybody Scream (모두 다 소리쳐)
2. Oh, Ah, Oh (오. 아. 오)
3. Sunset Glow (붉은 노을)
4. Twinkle Twinkle (반짝 반짝)
5. Strong Baby (Seungri Solo)
6. Wonderful
7. Foolish Love (멍청한 사랑)
8. Haru Haru (하루하루) [Acoustic]
9. Lies (Remix) (거짓말)
10. Last Farewell (Remix) (마지막 인사)
11. Remember
Okay, geez. 2008 was packed with many wonders, both Korean and Internationally. The first thing I have to say, if you have yet to listen to their English songs~ DO IT. Like serious, hearing the guys sing/rap in English has got to be the most beautiful thing ever. When I first bought the For The World album and listened to it, I was in tears! I could understand my kings and sing along perfectly without butchering another language! That album lead me to appreciate their older work so much more now that I had gotten use to the beat and everything. Then I got the Number 1 album and instantly fell in love.
Yes, we've all heard to some if not all the songs from the Stand Up and Remember albums, but in all serious matter, their international albums are bae. <3
Picking some favs~
ALWAYS ~ OMG The rap in this song! It's so cute! GD kills it! XD TOP is adorable! That's why I love it so much! XD
So Beautiful will get stuck in your head after a few takes but it's only because you'll fangirl when Taeyang keeps calling you beautiful.... ;)
Together Forever is lovely in English. <3 :3
We Belong Together in English is gorgeous! <3 <3 <3 XD
Make Love is one of the sweetest ballads I've heard in their English mix! :o
Remember in English will give you feels, like hands down right in the heart, especially in the rap with TOP! o.o
From their Remember album, Sunset Glow makes me so happy. It's probably in my top 5 favorite songs by BIGBANG! <3
Released~ August 19th, 2009
1. Intro
2. ガラガラ GO!! (Gotta Gotta Go!) [JPN]
3. Bringing You Love [JPN]
4. My Heaven [JPN/ENG]
5. Stay [JPN]
6. Top Of The World [JPN]
7. Follow Me [JPN]
8. Baby Baby [JPN version of Last Farewell]
9. Emotion [JPN]
10. Love Club [JPN]
11. Always [JPN version of Always]
I'm going to be completely honest here- at first I didn't want to listen to their Japanese stuff and I even kept pushing it off when I first bought it, but good glob do I regret it! Their song Stay, omo- worth every single tear I've shed! It's so beautiful! The first thing I thought when I first listened to it was, WHO HURT YOU!? DX
It brings the same kind of feels that Haru Haru does, well, at least to me. And with GD&TOP rapping in English, omo- it almost killed me! X'(
Emotion was another one that I absolutely love. It's a bit more cheery than Stay but it's amazing too.
Their Japanese songs are feel causers, but it's worth it! <3
Released~ February 28th, 2011
1. Intro (Thank You & You)
2. Hands Up
3. Tonight
4. Somebody to Love
5. What is Right
6. Cafe
Big Bang Special Edition
Released~ April 11th, 201
1. Love Song
2. Stupid Liar
3. Tonight
4. High High (GD&TOP)
5. Oh Yeah (GD&TOP Feat. 박봄)
6. Cafe
7. I Need A Girl (Taeyang Feat. G-Dragon)
8. Somebody to Luv
9. What can I do (어쩌라고) [Seungri Solo]
10. Baby Don't Cry (Daesung Solo)
Released~ May 11th, 2011
1. INTRO (Thank You&You)
2. Tonight [JPN/ENG]
3. Somebody to Luv [JPN]
4. Beautiful Hangover [JPN]
5. Ola Yeah! [JPN]
6. Tell Me Goodbye [JPN/ENG]
7. Let Me Hear Your Voice (声をきかせて - Koe wo Kikasete) [JPN]
8. Ms. Liar [JPN/ENG version of Stupid Liar]
9. Hands Up [JPN]
10. Love Song
Again, we know their Korean albums like the back of our hands, though, Tonight is the one that became their anthem for 2011.
However, lemme tell you why their 2011 Japanese album, BIGBANG2 is amazing. Not only do we get to hear GD&TOP show off their English rapping skills again, but the entire album is amazing. Tell Me Goodbye is included in this album and we know this song was a hot trend as soon as it dropped. Other than that, Let Me Hear Your Voice, or Koe wo Kikasete as it's known in Japan, is golden.
Personally, I fangirled over Ms. Liar because it's half in JPN and have in ENG and it easily got stuck in my head, but the album was, and still is gorgeous to listen to!
Released~ February 29th, 2012
1. Intro- Alive
2. Blue
3. Love Dust (사랑먼지)
4. Bad Boy
5. Ain't No Fun (재미없어)
6. Fantastic Baby
7. Wings (날개) [Daesung Solo]
Still Alive Special Edition
Released~ June 3rd, 2012
1. Still Alive
2. Monster
3. Feeling
4. Fantastic Baby
5. Bad Boy
6. Blue
7. Bingle Bingle [빙글빙글]
8. Ego
9. Love Dust (사랑먼지)
We're getting into their recents, which means all this songs must have been played in your playlist at one point or another. The very first album I ordered was the special edition of Still Alive, mainly because Monster is one of my all time favorites. But when I went back to listen to Alive, Ain't No Fun swept my heart until Daesung came by and killed me with his high notes.
Personally, when BIGBANG dropped these albums, I believe it was a game changer for everyone in the Kpop industry.... probably because everyone else knew that BIGBANG meant serious business to take the Kings spot. ;) x3
MADE Series
Released~ Pending
1. Loser
2. Bae Bae
3. Bang Bang Bang (뱅뱅뱅)
4. We Like 2 Party
5. If You
6. Sober (맨정신)
7. Zutter (쩔어) [GD&TOP]
8. Let's Not Fall in Love (우리 사랑하지 말아요)
I'm not going to recommend anything because all these songs straight up slayed. Looking back to where they started with A Fool's Only Tears or La La La, and now with Loser or Bang Bang Bang, the journey is there in their songs. The transition, the improvement, the hardships.
I mean, look at this performance and compare it to their debut stage. :3
And the fact that the album isn't even finished yet only makes it better because you know something great is stirring up in the studio that has kept this album under construction.
Well ladies and gentlemen, that is the general overview of their discography.
I did not go over their solo work, I will leave that for another day but regardless, their solo work is still crucial to the impact they made on the world for the last 10 years.
Tell me, have you heard of all of these songs?
Which ones are your favorite?
Which ones surprised you?
I'd love to hear what you think!
Thanks everyone!
This has been @Sailynn from KpopINT
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