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All I said was that it feels wrong I didn't mean any offense
jesus christ it was a damn joke...calm your tits...holy christ ya need to chill....wow holy moly u got issues. jesus . my god oh hey zues my jesus. relax girl. i was jk. my goodness wow. you need help. god bless you. holy jesus. oh my god jesus christ holy guacamole. i was just saying it isnt the right decisions but like i made a joke out of it. gosh u are some lady oh my wow
and I don't care what u say ok it my ship and inc what u say so leave me alone ok @xero0 I repesct ur ship and I don't talk shit about it so don't talk ship about my ship ok
why. no. its not right. its a big no no. plz do not. sasuke is for sakura. hinata is for naruto. why is this a thing. do not do this. this is not how life is supposed to be. what is the world why do we live. this is not the answer. u dont have the right to decide this. this is wrong.
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