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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: College AU/ Angst and Smut.... everything I guess Chapter 3 Story: Break ups are hard so how do you chose to get over yours.... enter into a contract to be another man's pretend fiance for six months to impress his parents.....This outta be good.
Junmyeon's POV "Mom, dad!" Junmyeon called to his parents as they came from baggage claim. They saw him and waved, his mother looked happier to see him than his father but he was used to it his face was just like that. He walked up and gave his mother a hug, he knelt down a little because he was taller than her. She kissed his cheek and then made him stand up straight, "Where's you're little fiance?" she asked. "She back at the apartment I told her I'd drop you guys off at your hotel so you could get situated and then we'd go back to our place." He answered. "Sounds like he's stalling." his mother mused while looking at his father. Junmyeon bowed to his dad and his dad gave a small smirk at his wife's teasing. Junmyeon showed them to the car and drove them to their hotel. His mother complained about him driving when he could've just called a car to come and pick him up. He liked the perks of being rich but the last thing he needed to be seen as was a spoiled brat. He kind of knew they'd badger him once they got here but he wished it wasn't about the small things. They had taken longer than usual to get ready in their hotel room which was probably a plus for Y/N; she was pretty upset at him for leaving a mess and leaving her to clean it up. He tried to help but she pushed him out of the house saying she'd do it herself. He heard she's very particular about the way she wants things to look when important people visit her. Important as in parents of friends or Jongin's parents, or anyone that hadn't been to her place before. Jongin said she did it the first time she invited him over and the first time she invited Junmyeon over. He let her do as she liked, he hoped it would put her in a better mood before she met his parents. When the door opened to their hotel room, Junmyeon looked up and smiled, "You guys ready to go?" "Yes dear." his mother said. He texted Y/N while they were walking down the hall and he drove them to her place. He figured she had enough time to cool off so she'd be fine when they came in the house. She must've been listening out for them because she opened the door just as they were coming up the steps. "Mr.Kim, Mrs. Kim it's a pleasure to meet you." she greeted with a happy smile. She bowed respectfully to them once they stopped at the top of the steps and were at the door. His mother smiled brightly, "Well my goodness she's polite and so cute Junmyeon." she said. Y/N laughed and said, "My name is Y/N, please come in and make yourself at home." She moved aside and Junmyeon's father lead his mother inside. Junmyeon stopped by the door to whisper in Y/N's ear. "Way to go baby girl they like you already." She looked back and said lowly, "It's not polite whisper Junmyeon behave." He bent don't and bit down on the top of her ear, "OK I'll be good." he said. She looked at him as if to say 'yeah right'. She walked into the living room and he followed behind He saw her standing before them back straight, calm and smiling, her hands neatly folded together. Her top hand raised to her chest as she said, "My apologies for the small place we were in the process of looking for something bigger." "Oh really, that's nice. Do you like big houses?" his father asked. "Not exactly sir, the apartment feels a little cramped sometimes though. I'd prefer a place where more than two people can be in the kitchen without crashing into each other." she chuckled. His mother laughed, "Oh my Junmyeon she is adorable. I like you Y/N." "That's an honor Mrs. Kim thank you so much. Oh where are my manners would you like something to drink?" she asked. "What do you have?" his father asked. "I have a fine Pinot Noir from Domaine Du Comete Linger-Belair. Would you like to try?" she said. Everyone looked at her with wide eyes and she looked back at them looking as though she were wondering if she had down something wrong. "Y/N that's really expensive how did you get it?" Junmyeon asked. "Oh! I thought I had offended you, the wine was a gift from a friend. He enjoyed buying and selling wine and when I suggested that bottle he bought me one as well. It was a thank you for suggesting it in the first place." she explained. "Really? How would you know to suggest such a bottle?" Junmyeon asked amazed. She chuckled brightly but he could detect a hint of nervousness at the end of it. His parents didn't seem to notice. "I honestly only picked it because the name was fun to say. I'm afraid I'm still a bit simple when it comes to wine but it's not bad at all. Would you like to try?" She offered again. "Yes dear a glass would be nice." His mother said. "I'd like a taste as well." His father said. "Excellent I'll be back in a moment." she excused herself. She quickly made her way to the kitchen her eyes skipping past him and a grim looking falling on her face. Junmyeon looked back at you walking in the kitchen. Y/N knew a lot more than he thought she did. It was like she was trained in etiquette, the highest form of it. His mother called to him telling him to go help her with the glasses and he apologized and excused himself. He walked into the kitchen to see her opening up the wine and pouring a glass for everyone. "Did you really get that wine from a friend?" he asked. She looked up at him then back down at the glasses like she couldn't bare to look him in the eye. "Yeah." "Jackson?" he asked. "Please Junmyeon if you want the rest of this night to go by well you won't mention his name to me again." "What are you all flustered for Babe?" he asked. She looked up at him with slightly widened eyes. She took a deep breath and calmed herself. "Sorry. Here." she said handing him two glasses of wine. "You give your mother one and I'll give your father one." she said picking up two other glasses. She moved past him to get to his parents. What was she acting all weird about a second ago? He hoped she didn't steal the wine, that was a bit excessive to impress his parents. He followed her into the living room and she was handing his father a drink while he handed his mother a drink. Y/N sat down in another chair and Junmyeon sat next to her in a different chair. She took a light sip but it seemed to Junmyeon she hadn't drank at all. She chatted his parents up and he watched her in amazement. She knew all the conversation starters. She knew how to get his father engaged, she didn't just solely focus on one or the other. She included him in the conversation and by God she was a fantastic actress; he swore at one point he thought they had actually started making wedding plans. He nearly panicked when his mother asked what date they had settled on and she instantly stated what month which was several months down the road past the date to which he didn't need her to pretend to be his fiance anymore, giving them enough time for the break up.. She was good, she had him smiling all night long proud of how she acted. His mother loved her, especially when she started speaking different languages. She spoke in Italian going over parts in Dante's inferno. She spoke French and Chinese which Junmyeon knew a bit of or at the very least understood some of it. He had no idea she knew all those languages though. She still had his mother and father beyond impressed. There was one awkward moment where she seemed to close up when his mother asked her about her parents. She gave very vague short answers and she looked uncomfortable even though she continued to smile. By the end of the night, Y/N had made dinner plans for the weekend with his parents again and a shopping date with his mother the same day he promised to take his father out for a beer. He drove his mom and dad back to the hotel and his mother wouldn't stop talking about how much she loved Y/N. She thought she was cute, had great manners, was talented. She was impressed and frankly shocked that she was a business major. Junmyeon knew she was doing that but he thought she would've done a minor in business since she liked photography. Once he got them to the hotel he headed back to her apartment. He walked in seeing her in her soft baby blue pajama shorts with a white camisole on. She had her phone in her hand and she was staring at the screen hard, pacing the floor. "Y/N." he called her. She jumped, scared and dropped the phone. She sighed in relief but looked embarrassed. He bent down to pick up her phone for her. The screen caught his attention, "Whose number are you unblocking?" he asked. "Don't worry about it. How are your parents?" she asked turning to walk into the kitchen with her wine glass. "They're fine, they actually really like you. They were really impressed." he said following her. "That's good, they seemed to believe we were really engaged." "She liked the ring you picked out." he said smiling. She looked up at him, "I figured she would. Parents like a prospective mate to live up to the same standards as their own child but at the same time not stepping out of their own league." "What do you mean?" he asked confused. "Well, she thinks I'm just a normal girl right? It would've read the wrong way if you gave me something too expensive. Like 'she's just a gold digging tramp that will eventually break your heart'. Considering we'll eventually have to end this that's probably not the greatest impression to start out with." she said. He laughed "Yeah you're right about that." He moved closer to her grabbing her hand and looking at the ring. She got a little more flustered when he touched her. He looked at her eyes trying to figure her out. He really didn't know her but he was drawn to her. She was his roommates ex-girlfriend, she hung around at their place a lot. They all talked to each other but somehow for that entire year he never learned anything deeply personal about. He bent his head down and caught her lips. Why did he choose her to be his fake girlfriend in the first place? She was the best pick, at least logically but even he knew his decision wasn't purely based off of logic. He would admit only to himself that he liked her. He liked her when he saw her walking around the campus a few years back looking for her class. Chanyeol had stopped her and helped her find her way. Junmyeon wanted to see her again but he didn't know her name or her schedule and he wasn't familiar with Chanyeol at the time either. The campus was big and he was too immature to really put forth effort in finding one girl to bang when he could find anyone he wanted. It wasn't until Jongin and her started going out and he introduced her to him that he began to hang around her. He liked her more and more but, despite their competing, Junmyeon wasn't the type to hit on someone else's woman. At least not intentionally anyway. It was a new feeling, how she drew him in to her. He wasn't sure what he felt but he had chose her for a reason. Jongin didn't have her anymore he was free to do anything he wanted with her. He wanted to kiss her and he did and she showed no signs of resisting. He understood what Jongin meant though about having sex with her. Her silence always made him feel like he was doing something wrong or she didn't like it. He liked the challenge though. "Will you call me daddy baby girl?" he asked. "Junmyeon." she sighed placing her hands on his shoulders to push him away. He smiled at her but held her firm, keeping her pressed against his body. He kissed her neck, now hearing her breathing as he moved slowly. He wasn't a big fan of moving slow but she responded more when he did. Any time he moved too quick, pushing inside her with too much force she'd look uncomfortable, making him stop and ask if she were alright. She'd just cover her face and say she was fine. He pulled back for a second and looked at her. She makes the same face when she's embarrassed and when someone brings up her parents or her past. She makes that face when she's uncomfortable...... "Baby girl you don't like it rough do you?" he asked coming up to her again. He pulled her close leading her to the counter and lifting her up, "Put your legs around me and hold on okay." he said. She didn't say a word after calling his name. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he lifted her up. His hands glued to her ass and walking into the living room. He sat on the couch with her straddling him. His hand left her butt to comb through her long hair. She looked at him, her eyes dark with desire but it almost seemed like she wasn't there. That face she gave to him a few times when they hooked up. His hand brushed through her hair once more as he said, "Baby girl do you want me? Can I keep touching you or do you want me to let you go?" He sounded like he cared because he did. There was a reason why she was the way she was. When ever that guy Jackson came around, she got agitated. The same face she made when she was uncomfortable she made when he was around her. For him to be an old friend and make her feel like, he must've done something to her. Her parents too, maybe they had a distant relationship and just couldn't get along. Everything about her was a mystery. "You're fine Junmyeon." she whispered. "You're a strange one Y/N? Who are you?" he said. "I don't understand the question." "Has Jongin met your parents?" he asked. She shook her head. "Does he know you speak four languages fluently?" Again, she shook her head. "Does he know who your first man was?" There it was, the face that said she was uncomfortable. She inhaled and sat still on top of him. "Your entire history is a mystery to everyone even the guy you dated for a year." Junmyeon said, his eyes flitting to her chest. Her dark eyes and the rise and fall of her chest indicated how turned on she was. She had a serious face on though, she looked like she didn't want to talk about it. "Jongin knew the important things." she said shortly. She had an iron fortress built around her, she wasn't letting anyone in even superman would be turned away at the door. His hand came back down to rest on her thigh rubbing it up and down as they talked. He reached for her neck pulling her down to him. "Will you let me kiss you?" he said. "Why are you asking, you do it without permission anyway." "I just want to make you feel good but since you never confirm for me what feels good I have to ask. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable baby girl." "You're fine Junmyeon." "Then come to daddy." he grinned a little. She leaned down and kissed him. He made it deeper, he always did but she never resisted. He unconsciously kissed her harder and bucked his hips up to her clothed core. She broke the kiss to look at him. "Sorry baby girl, your lips are driving me crazy. I want to be in you so bad." he said. She stepped off of him and he thought she'd walk away. Instead, she pulled off her shorts, her pink underwear with a lace trim fitting firmly on her stomach. The tattoo of a koi fish and a lotus flower on her lower belly and slightly dipping into her panty line. He had completely looked past that tattoo the first night they slept together focusing more on hearing her voice than observing her body. After that he had noticed it, he liked to admire it. When she fell asleep on the couch earlier in the week, he pulled up her shirt to take a peak at it. A black koi with the yang half on top of its head and a blue lotus flower with the Yin half inside the lotus. He flicked his forefinger beckoning her to come back over to him. He sat up as she stood in front of him. His hands grabbed her waist, he looked up at her for a second, her eyes even darker but this time she was paying attention to him. He smiled at her she simply blinked at him. "You can touch me too baby girl. Put your hands in my hair." he said. She slowly moved her hands up to his hair, she brushed back his hair just as he went and kissed her tattoo. Her leg buckled for a second but he held her up. He kissed the tattoo again but his eyes stayed fixed on hers. His tongue rolling over the bumpy scars. He pulled her camisole off completely and she took off her bra knowing already that he wanted to taste them. He scooted closer to the edge and made her straddle him again. Her chest in his face, his mouth quickly took in her nipple gently biting and licking it. He could hear her breathing but no moaning just yet. His mouth moved to the other breast and sucked on it while his hand grazed her tattoo. He had felt it before, he knew she was aware of it. The scars underneath the tattoo. The black koi fish hid it well but it didn't get rid of how the scars healed. He wasn't sure if she had done it to herself or if someone else had done it to her. His hand still traced the scars as if they could etch them off her skin. He wondered what memories came with them. He couldn't ask though, he had no idea what can of worms he'd be opening if he did. Something happened or someone had hurt her long before she came here and met Jongin, Chanyeol or him. He wondered if it had anything to do with Jackson. It seemed this time it was him that was fading into his thoughts while his body performed the motions. His hands searching her for more secrets she'd never tell. He looked up at her, "Daddy Junnie wants to hear your voice baby girl. Let me hear you." he said. He gripped her butt and sat up with a slight jolt. He chuckled, "I'm not good with being gentle baby girl, you have to tell me to stop if I don't behave. OK?" She nodded. He pushed her panties to the side and let his fingers slightly graze her core. Her cheeks flushed red and her lips parted so she could breathe. Her hips rolling, trying to get some more friction started between her lower lips and his fingers. He was still completely dressed so he flipped her over on the couch and removed his shirt and pants. He came up to her grabbing her hands and placing them at his stomach, contracting his abs as he moved her hands up to his toned chest. The soft pads of her fingers tips had him aching for her more. He opened her legs wide and stepped back, "Stay just like that don't move baby girl." he said He pulled off his boxers kicking them to the side and showed his erection on full display for her. His hand wrapped around it and he stared into her eyes. Moving his hand up and down making himself harder as he looked at her. Imagining her lips on him and her hands gripping his body, "Fucking call for me baby girl." he groaned. He desperately wanted her voice, he wanted to hear her want him. She responded better when he teased her and she was responding now. Her hips wiggled as she watched him jerk himself off. Her hand reached down to her own core, "I didn't say you could touch yourself." he said. She looked at him with hazy eyes almost as if she were about to cry. "Don't want me baby girl?" he said. She nodded. "Then call for me. Let me hear your sexy voice and I'll make you feel so good." he said seductively. She bit down on her lip, still fidgeting on the couch. Her hands gripping the couch but not a sound leaving her mouth. "Come on baby girl, call for me. Tell me what you want. I'll make you cum, you'll feel amazing baby girl. You like it when I'm in you, don't you? You want me now don't you baby. I want you too just let me hear you. Call for me." "Myeon." she said weakly mixed with a light moan. It looked as though she said his whole name but only the last half was audible. Her voice was music to his ears though. "Say it again baby girl, a little louder so I can hear you." His voice was dipped in pleasure as well. If he kept touching himself he'd reach his climax before he got to feel her. "Junmyeon, stop playing." she whined. "Well what do you want baby girl?" "You." she said. The way her voice begged for him had him on her in seconds ripping off her panties and teasing her clit with the head of his erection. "You have no idea what you do to me Y/N." he whispered in a low husky voice. "Say it again, keep saying don't stop. I want you so bad baby girl you're gonna make me eat you up." He said breathing heavily against her lips. Her hands cupping his face while he let his dick rub against her clit. His forehead was pressed against hers and he began to align himself with her entrance. Again he teased like he'd enter her and her hand gripped his shoulder, "I want you daddy, Fuck me." she moaned. He slammed into her not being able to handle the way her sweet voice called him daddy. He could feel her squeeze his shoulder with an amazing grip. She buried her face into his chest holding back her scream but it leaked out in broken spells. Fuck that was too hard. He immediately felt guilty and made her look him in the eyes. Her eyes building a wall of tears she refused to let fall. He kissed her softly and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He picked her up off the couch heading for her bedroom. He kicked the door shut behind him. He laid down with her on top of him. She was sitting up right after they broke the kiss. He reached up to cup her cheek, her long hair falling down past his hand covering it. She swallowed as she looked down at him. He felt bad for moving so harshly, "I hurt you, I'm sorry baby." he said. "It's fine." she said. "Usually you're a good liar but not this time. You take control baby girl. What's my punishment?" he said. She looked at him for a second and then a smirk formed on her face. He'd never seen her do that before, he liked it. They way she seemed to have something in store for him and he had no idea what it was. She made him excited, she had no idea the power she had over him. She reached over and opened her dresser drawer and pulled out a dark silk scarf. He thought she was going to tie him up. She had other plans. She made him sit up and she tied the scarf around his eyes. He couldn't see her, he couldn't watch her body move up and down. That was cruel and frankly a good punishment for him. He felt her lean down to his ear and she said, "Call for me." "Baby girl, I want you." he said biting back the smile that was forming on his lips. She had turned the tables on him and that made her hotter than before. "Again." He heard her call. She had placed his hand on her tattoo, he knew it because he could feel the marks. She probably didn't realize she did it. Her other hand tangled its fingers with his and she held onto it while she moved up and down. "Fuck me baby girl. Give me more." he called. This as the most a girl ever had him begging. He'd probably only do it for her. She could turn a saint into a sinner, he wondered what he'd turn into since he was already far from being a saint. She moved faster on him and the hand that was on her tattoo found her clit and rubbed her while she moved up and down. At one point she stopped moving up and down and rolled her hips against him. He wanted to see her body roll. He wanted to see her chest move, he wanted to see the face she was making. Her free hand probably tangling in her hair when she threw her head back. "Fuck me more baby girl, I'm so close." he moaned. "You want to cum?" she asked. "Yes baby girl." "Say my name." she said moving faster. "Y/N, Y/N, Y/N." he chanted her name getting closer to his high. He could feel her chest against his, her hand still clasped to his and her breath on his lips as she light said, "Cum for me daddy." "Fuck." he growled and rolled over on top of her. He pulled off the blind fold moving faster. Raising her hips off the bed, he kept chanting curses feeling her deeper. Her insides squeezing him tightly like she was going to devour him. "Fuck baby girl I wanna hear you say my name." he growled. She had her other hand go and grabbed his arms, "Junmyeon!" she gasped when he hit her g-spot. Both of them releasing together with Junmyeon moving in her until they both came down from the high. He kissed her before getting off her and rolling over. "That was fun." she said tired. "You were so good. I've never had someone make me beg for them baby girl. You can be in charge more often." She closed her eyes and said, "You're an idiot." In a sleepy voice. She rolled into his outstretched arm keeping him in his place on the bed. She had fallen asleep so quickly. His arm bent to rest his hand on her waist. It was a pretty exhausting day for her. "Goodnight Y/N." he whispered....... Y/N's POV Last night was exhausting but you were glad to hear his parents liked you. A few times you slipped up, getting too much into the old habit of being a hostess. Your parents always had you entertain guests for big events so by now you knew how to impress people. You didn't necessarily lie about the pinot Noir. You had received it as a gift from a former suitor. Your parents did not like him though. Minseok was handsome and well mannered, he had great tastes in wine and he was gentle. You had told him about the wine, having tasted it once yourself at a wine tasting with your parents. You talked to him about the taste and when he found it he bought you one as a thank you. No one knew you spoke multiple languages either. They had you learn at a young age, it came in handy when you all had to travel. Everything that made it seem like you came from a wealthy family you did your best to hide and just seem like a charming girl. You could sense that Junmyeon was starting to wonder who you really were though. You had avoided getting into deep detail about your parents and you were relieved when his mother dropped the subject. The night ended pretty well with you and Junmyeon sleeping together. He'd gotten you to do a little more, you broke out more than usual. He was different from Jongin. Definitely more determined to get some noise out of you. You could see the regret in his face when he hurt you. He had warned you he wasn't good at being gentle. Besides if was Junmyeon, you two may not have known each other as well as you and Chanyeol did but you knew he wouldn't purposely hurt you, unlike some else you knew. You had come out from classes and you were wrapped around Chanyeol's arm walking home with him. Junmyeon didn't have classes that day so he went to visit his father. Chanyeol noticed the ring on your finger, "Whoa, where did the ice come from?" he asked holding up your hand. Right, you put it back on just in case his parents happened to see you or come over early. You sighed and said, "Look, don't freak out but me and Junmyeon are engaged." "WHAT!" he yelled. You shushed him waving your hands for him to bring his voice down. "What the hell do you mean you two are engaged? I mean I noticed him hanging around you more but what the hell?" he said. "Chanyeol stop freaking out okay." "Wait was that why a week ago you said you couldn't help me." "Yes but I don't see why you didn't just call the girl back to relive you. You shouldn't have taken the damn pills in the first place." "Look a friend told me to try them I did not expect that to happen and going to the hospital would've been too embarrassing." "Right but calling your best friend isn't." you said sarcastically. "Well I know you won't tell anyone besides what are best friends for?" "Not for that! Although, our friendship is far beyond normal." "Stop changing the subject, how long has this been going on? You and Jongin broke up six months ago. How do you know you're not being caught in another one of their competitions?" he asked concerned. "Chanyeol it's not a real engagement. It's fake, his parents were giving him hell so he came up with the story that we were engaged to get him to back off. Look you're the only that can know it's fake. I'd prefer if no one knew we were engaged at all." "Why would you agree to something like that?" "He said he'd pay me, you know how much equipment I can get with seventy million won?" "What the hell, that's a lot of money just to play pretend." You just laughed at him and you two stepped off campus grounds. You stopped when you saw his face. He fashioned his fake smile for Chanyeol. He had two guards dressed in black standing on each side of him. You forgot to do one thing last night: unblock his fucking number! "Fuck." you whispered. "Y/N who's your friend? Does Junmyeon know about him?" Jackson said. "Who is this guy Y/N?" Chanyeol asked. You stared at Jackson upset. He was smiling at you then stepped up. You backed up a little, "What's going on?" Chanyeol asked you. "Hi I'm Jackson. Y/N and I have some history together. I was wondering if we could talk bugs." he smiled at you. He looked back at his guards and you could see the glimmer of a gun from behind his jacket. Damn it you didn't think he'd go this far but you probably should've fore saw it. You swallowed your fear and turned to Chanyeol. "Yeol you don't mind walking home alone do you? Me and Jackson are gonna catch up." you said. "Um no, but are you sure you'll be fine?" he asked sensing something wrong. "Promise." you said. You held your hand out and he slapped his into yours and you both pulled back quickly snapping your fingers before pointing at each other. A silly little way you two said goodbye sometimes. He kissed your forehead and walked off saying he'd see you later. You waved at him and both you and Jackson waited until he was far away enough to drop your acts. He quickly grabbed you by the arm and slammed you against his car. You winced at the pain but bit back the groan that was coming out. You didn't want him to know he had hurt you. His hand slid up your side while he got into your face, he was seething, "First you run away, then you get engaged to another man and now you're fucking around with someone else. Who the Fuck do you think you are?" he said. "You don't know what you're talking about, Chanyeol is just a friend." you said annoyed. "A fucking friend? You think I'm blind? You fucked him too didn't you? What fucking game are you even playing six months ago you were dating another man." "Or really and how the Fuck would you know that?" you yelled back. "Watch your fucking mouth when you talk to me princess. I'm already pissed off you don't want to make it worse. You know I have people looking into you." He growled. His hand met your side pulling up your shirt a little, "Are you still doing it?" he asked. You knew exactly what he was referring to. The scars on your stomach that Junmyeon had recently kissed and caressed. He paid special attention to it. It was something only someone that slept with you would know about. They didn't have a confirmation on where they came from though. They came from you cutting yourself. After being used as a toy for so long not just by your parents but by Jackson, you just found yourself finding relief in cutting yourself. You didn't cut on your arms or wrists, you didn't want anyone to see them. You could hear you parents practically arguing with you, telling you how you made them look their daughter covered in self inflicted scars how disgusting. You had the strength to get away from them long enough not to fall back into the habit. You secretly sought out help to get better. You did get better, the less contact you had with those toxic people, the less you dealt with Jackson, the better you got. So you got the tattoo over the scars that remained to hide them from anyone who may see them. Your therapist suggested you find an alternative that you could get your frustrations out with. You threw yourself into photography, it didn't become a hobby it became your life as you found a way to expose and capture the world in unbelievable moments. Your black and white photos showed the world's poison but you took more photos of good things. You focused on beauty of the world to keep yourself sane. The more you looked for the toxic places the more you fell into your depression. You wanted to be around people less, you didn't want to get up and do anything. It would hit you at the strangest times, you'd have a great day and then the next day you felt like hell, you felt like dying, you just wanted to get away. Those were dark days but you had gotten away from it almost seven years free. Jackson was the perfect trigger to bring you back to that hell though. His hand was grazing over your scars and you looked away from him. "I asked you a question princess." he said "Like I'd continue giving you the satisfaction of doing that to myself." you snapped. His hand came up to your neck, "I told you to watch your mouth." he said "Or you'll do what?" You challenged. You could see you were pissing him off. You partly wanted that. You wanted him to get upset and scream and hit you and leave a mark, a taste of who he was. You'd have your evidence, this time you'd be strong enough to reveal him for the devil he was. Show your parents, show his parents, show the world. "I don't like damaged property, you're just lucky I love you. Now let's talk about you not unblocking my number. You had one thing to do." "I forgot." "Fuck you forgot, unblock the damn number now Y/N." "I don't want to talk to you, that was the point of blocking your fucking number Jackson. I'm sick of you, I hate you. I don't want you. I never did." you snapped at him. His hand slammed into the car and he pressed against you, gripping your waist so tight you clenched your teeth so you didn't let him know it hurt. "Say that again princess, I dare you. Say you don't want me, say you hate me. I fucking dare you to say it again and see what happens." He threatened. You said nothing more, you couldn't compete with him. "Unblock my fucking number." he growled. You pulled out your phone and pulled up his name and unblocked his number. He made you show him that you unblocked him. He dipped his head down and kissed your neck then drew a line with his tongue to your ear lobe and bit down on it. He laughed when he felt your attempt to push him away. "Don't ignore me again bugs. That's your first and last warning." "You're crazy." you said disgusted. "Crazy for you princess. You make me like this, that voice, that body. You're mine whether you like it or not. You're promised to me that contract was made long ago. You're not marrying that guy it's best you break his heart now then wait later because if later comes, I'll break more than his heart." He said. You watched as he and his guards got into his car and he rolled down the window to say, "I like the tattoo by the way, it looks sexy on you." His car drove off after that. You ran a hand through your hair, "Fuck." you screamed. You looked at your phone and threw it into the street. A few cars came by and had run it over. Fuck him, Fuck your parents. Fuck every miserable person on this damn planet. You could feel it all coming back, you quickly made your way home and packed your bags, three days. That was all you needed, three days away from this world. You could figure out later how you might get away from Jackson and your parents. Faking your own death was starting to sound more appealing though. You grabbed your camera and headed out to catch a plane. You were going to the beach house before you did something stupid although you were pretty sure you already did once you chucked your phone in the street to be destroyed.
awe. i really hope Junmyeon can open me open and maybe he is all i need. Damn it u make me so mad at my biases lol damn u Jackson u evil devil child prick. lol. still my bias tho lol. i would change my number. but what about Junmyeon parents??? what about the shopping date and dinner??? oh man...
Well damn!!!!!!!
why Jackson why u gotta be like this
Aww wth jackson.. Ughhhhh so much going on..
damnit Junmyeon.. πŸ˜πŸ‘… and Jackson you evil bastard πŸ˜‚
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